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View entry Edit entry Extra score summary row 1.0.04.D WillGray 2005 Aug 10
View entry Edit entry Cannot Save Cluster 1.1.02.D HaojieWu 2005 Sep 02
View entry Edit entry ROC 1.1.2106 HaojieWu 2006 Mar 20
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  • 01 Sep 2004; Version 1.0.00; bug 0001; Nimish Gautam
    • Cannot run distance unless state saved and then reloaded.
    • 01 Sep 2004, Nimish Gautam: Fixed.

  • 09 Feb 2005; Version 1.0.03; bug 0002; Will Gray
    • Changing charts with the cursor-arrow at an X value that is invalid for the chart switched to results in a run-time error.
    • 09 Feb 2004, Nimish Gautam: Fixed.

  • 21 Mar 2005; Version 1.0.03; bug 0004; Joan Zhang
    • Changing two data sets to logged data, the second throws an exception when switching to the data grouping panel. The data set panel load method has to change the state of the logged/raw check box, raising an undesired event.
    • 21 Mar 2005, Will Gray: Fixed.

  • 08 April 2005; Version 1.0.03; bug 0005; Joan Zhang
    • prediction model generates topN results when N is greater than number of features in the data set.
      • This isn't a bug. The program generates the number of models specified by the user. However, we should check to make sure that TopN doesn't generate the redundant models. But should we re-name the model?

  • 04 May 2005; Version 1.0.03; bug 0006; Joan Zhang
    • stdev formula in Rfunctions did not return correct result
    • 04 May 2005, Joan Zhang: Fixed.

  • 22 July 2005; Version 1.0.03; bug 0007; Joan Zhang
    • added training data set information while it's supposed to add testing data set information, it affected Summarypercentage class and Ballgraphpanel class, it caused both training and testing sets have same ball size
    • 22 July 2005, Joan Zhang: Fixed.

  • 02 Aug 2005; Version 1.0.03; bug 0008; Joan Zhang
    • mainTree node showed training set folder name after running a testing set, it caused part of saved state couldn't work anymore since it can not find a correct path for testing result.
    • 02 Aug 2005, Joan Zhang: Fixed.
    • not sure does the change affect other part of the project or not

View/edit Name Version Fixed Date
View entry Edit entry No Score Summary 1.0.03 WillGray 2005 May 06
View entry Edit entry Bad testing dataset information 1.0.03 JoanZhang 2005 Jul 22
View entry Edit entry Bad path in state 1.0.03 JoanZhang 2005 Aug 02
View entry Edit entry Incorrect Ballgraph Title 1.1.00 D JoanZhang 2005 Aug 25
View entry Edit entry No Ballgraph Generated 1.1.01 D JeremyRoberts 2005 Aug 29
View entry Edit entry Cannot load Unix format datafile 1.1.02 D WillGray 2005 Oct 04
View entry Edit entry Invalid specified cast--CV Distance 1.1.04D WillGray 2005 Sep 28
View entry Edit entry Object reference null--CV BallGraph 1.1.04.D WillGray 2005 Nov 11
View entry Edit entry Missclassified Patients 50% Threshold 1.1.02.D WillGray 2005 Dec 01
View entry Edit entry Cannot display VizSpec when more than one averaged data loaded 1.1.01.E JoeZachary 2005 Oct 22
View entry Edit entry Incorrect VizSpectra Zoom function 1.1.01.E WillGray 2005 Dec 01
View entry Edit entry p values cannot be compeletely displayed 1.1.01E JoanZhang 2005 Oct 31
View entry Edit entry Distance Permutation Number Not Loading 1.2.01.E WillGray 2005 Dec 01
View entry Edit entry cannot show ROC based on cutoffs 1.2.01.E JoanZhang 2005 Nov 09
View entry Edit entry Non-delete 1.2.01.F WillGray 2005 Dec 01
View entry Edit entry The Info score 1.1.2106 WillGray 2006 Mar 22
View entry Edit entry Cannot write missed column report 1.3.0 WillGray 2006 Jul 13
View entry Edit entry Panel not updated on new grouping created 1.5.0.G WillGray 2006 Jul 21
View entry Edit entry Error saving winner lists for cross-validation 1.3.1.F WillGray 2006 Jul 31
View entry Edit entry Duplicate distance results 1.3.2.F WillGray 2006 Aug 01
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