Duplicate distance results

Steps to Reproduce

Run distance, save state, close WFCCM, and reload.

Expected Behavior

Observed Behavior

On loading a saved state, there are duplicate entries for the distance runs. They don't show up at first, but on loading the saved state. Deleting the duplicates, re-saving the state, and re-loading removes them nicely. It looks like the duplicates are created when the distance is run, but not showing up in the treeview until re-load.

WfccmBugReportForm edit

BugClassification WfccmBug
BugStatus Fixed
Name Duplicate distance results
Version 1.3.2.F
ReportedBy WillGray
DateReported 2006 Aug 01
FixedBy WillGray
DateFixed 2006 Aug 01
Topic revision: r2 - 26 Apr 2007, WillGray

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