Panel not updated on new grouping created

Steps to Reproduce

Create a new grouping.

Expected Behavior

The grouping panel should updated to reflected the saved grouping--hide the create button and name text box, show the export button.

Observed Behavior

The grouping is added to the project tree correctly, but the panel stays in create mode instead of switching to view/edit mode.


Expand the Groups node before selecting a subnode.

WfccmBugReportForm edit

BugClassification WfccmBug
BugStatus Fixed
Name Panel not updated on new grouping created
Version 1.5.0.G
ReportedBy WillGray
DateReported 2006 Jul 14
FixedBy WillGray
DateFixed 2006 Jul 21
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Topic revision: 26 Apr 2007, WillGray
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