Cannot load Unix format datafile

For some reason, MemoryMapDataSet is not correctly determining that Unix and Mac file formats use a single byte for newlines (CR or LF). It does DOS format fine (CR and LF). A temporary fix is to convert the file is ConTEXT.

I discovered that the MemoryMapDataSet was reading the wrong bytes when detecting the newline character(s). The FileStream.Seek() call has been corrected and DOS, Unix, and Mac ASCII files are all readable.

WfccmBugReportForm edit

BugClassification WfccmBug
BugStatus Fixed
Name Cannot load Unix format datafile
Version 1.1.02 D
ReportedBy WillGray
DateReported 2005 Sep 13
FixedBy WillGray
DateFixed 2005 Oct 04
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Topic revision: 26 Apr 2007, WillGray
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