Instructions to Los Alamos Computers for Configuring Workstations

This topic is obsolete since we no longer buy from LAC.


  • Install latest kernel and previous kernel, selectable at boot with default being the latest kernel

Additional packages to install on all machines

  1. xemacs
  2. wv
  3. antiword
  4. xless
  5. mozilla-firefox (from unstable)
  6. nedit
  7. abiword (from unstable)
  8. kile (from unstable)
  9. knotes (from unstable)
  10. hevea
  11. dillo
  12. cupsys-bsd (standard)
  13. CUPS drivers for HP Laserjet 4000N, HP Color Laserjet 4500 (both available in category HEWLETT-PACKARD), and Xerox Phaser 6250/DP color laser printer (available in category Xerox). See for printer PPD file.
  14. Servers to activate: sshd, samba
  15. Run gdmconfig; in security tab uncheck "Secure System Menu" then Close

Additional packages to install on configuration # 2 (for analysts):

  • apt-get -t unstable install r-base, r-base-core, r-doc-pdf, r-recommended, ess

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