-- JoAnnAlvarez - 02 Oct 2009

Interrater Reliability Study Design

2009 Oct 2 Conference Call

Present: JoAnn, Brian , Robert, Ted

  • Brian likes Robert's proposed plan.
  • Will this replace original reliability study proposal?
  • Can do batches of 15 in each group now and then possibly again towards the end of the study. The reliability estimates based on the 60 would be the official estimate.
  • Brian requests that the process not begin until after October 13.
  • How to do the assigning? Robert has written an algorithm for randomizing.
    • Can maveric handle exam with two review? Check with Morgan and Ellie.
  • Reviewers will not necessarily know that it is a second review.
  • Should we skiip the first or second exam of CAPS examiners? Yes. We will try to skip the first one.
  • We will send these all at once.
  • The second review's results will not go into the study analysis (except for the reliability estimate).
  • WIll the data go into the existing maveric framework or a separate maveric place? TBD
  • Should we look at individual items as well as the overall rating? Rob says it would not be necessary.
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