Notes on trouble shooting Twiki problems

20-Apr-2004 a user recently got this error message when trying to save a change.
Biostatistics TWiki . Main . ReduceDMC (oops)     
Topic save error
During save of file Main.ReduceDMC an error was found by the version control system. Please notify your Biostatistics TWiki administrator.

/usr/bin/ci -l -q -mnone -t-none -d'2004/04/19 20:25:00'
-w'SvetlanaEden' /usr/local/www/html/twiki/data/Main/ReduceDMC.txt
/usr/local/www/html/twiki/data/Main/ReduceDMC.txt,v 2>&1
ci: RCS file /usr/local/www/html/twiki/data/Main/ReduceDMC.txt,v is in use

Go back in your browser and save your changes locally.

Turns out that a server crash left some rcs files that caused twiki to think a file was in use. I needed to deleted a file who's name began and ended with a comma (,????,)

-- DalePlummer - 20 Apr 2004

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