1. DONESolve a problem of illegal records in RAMOS when a subject has both a randomization date and a withdrawal.from.run.in date: Matt: If the subjects of interest have data available in SAS$RAND$SBRAN = "Yes" then consider the subject randomized. Otherwise, for now, if the subject has a treatment number in RAMOS then consider the subject randomized. SE: This implies a subject who has an illegal record is considered randomized if SAS$RAND$SBRAN = "Yes". Check if there should be changes in function, computing widthrawal from run in report (SE)
  2. DONEFix problem in Figure 9 in open report: denominator includes subjects still in the run-in period; need to do on "closed" subjects (SE)
  3. DONECompute the fraction of African Americans in the US separately (FH)
  4. DONEBox plot by country showing PSA Density (FH)
  5. DONEError table for baseline continuous variables (FH)
  6. DONEIn closed report get distribution of PSAx2 (FH)
  7. DONEProvide information for subjects withdrawing because of AE (SE)
  8. DONEAdd deaths reported in sae to those reported in death (FH)
  9. DONE Give better label than NA in withdrawal tables, and figure out why the number doesn't match the total number of registered subjects (SE)
  10. DONEAdd to report the reported PSA going back to sites (FH)
  11. DONESet up system with Matt for getting faxes of SAEs and deaths (FH and SE; done using WWW)
  12. DONEModify the scoring of MOS Sleep scale scoring according to the following: "Total MOS Sleep Scale (MSS) score is the sum of six questions each ranging from 1 to 6. Questions 2-5 will be reverse scored." In other words for questions 1 and 6 a low number indicates a good outcome while for questions 2-5 a low number indicates a bad outcome. (SE)
  13. DONETo produce a brief report about PSA data that the sites receive. To ask Matt for the data (about end of August) (duplicate item)
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