General text formatting

  • Separate each paragraph with a blank line.

  • To display a bold type word or phrase, use asterisks: bold type.

  • To display an italic word or phrase, use underscores: _italic_.

  • To display bold with italics word or phrase, use double underscores: __bold italic__.

  • To display a word or phrase in MONOSPACED TYPE, use equal signs: =like this=.

  • Use ==double equal signs== for bold: bold mono.

  • To display colored text, enter:
     %RED% = red text %ENDCOLOR% and %GREEN% = green text %ENDCOLOR% 

  • There are multiple other colors you can also utilize...just experiment - try the code and then click on preview to see if your color worked (Yes WJ, purple works!!)

  • To display headings, type (from the beginning of a line) three dashes (-), from one to six plus signs (+), a space, and your heading text.
    • The quantity of plus signs is related to the size of the heading - the more plus signs you use, the smaller the heading.
    • You can insert a nested table of contents, generated from headings, by placing the following wherever you like on a page. I find it easiest to add below the header for the page.

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