Task offloading meeting notes

  • April 6, 2023 (be sure to avoid ENAR dates)
    • Agenda
      • Does Bashar want the spare servers?
      • I created accounts on the servers. Can Bashar and Shawn log on?
      • Handling Pegasus tickets assigned to DEPARTMENT OF BIOSTATISTICS SUPPORT. Is Bashar getting the emails?
      • Include Bart and Will in invitation
      • Transfer of certain shiny apps to CQS infrastructure: Visual Pruner (Laurie Samuels), ??? (Shawn), ahsqc (Tom Stewart). Others?
      • Discuss servers: new accounts, considered not mission critical, no current update schedule, no current backup, etc.
      • Next steps
      • Next meeting

  • Feb 21, 2023
    • Dale's to do
      • Create an account on each server for Bashar and Shawn.
      • Send spare server specs to Bashar
      • Identify public facing web services on my servers
      • Set up something to share password database with Bashar and Shawn
      • Send Bomgar information to Bashar and Shawn
    • Topic SystemSetupProcedures has been updated for new macOS Intune onboarding steps
    • I have set up a list of the servers I support. See https://biostat.app.vumc.org/wiki/Main/DalesNotes#Servers. I need to create an account on each of these for Bashar.
    • We need a way to store passwords so Bashar has read/write access
    • Does Bashar plan to use Dale’s inventory spreadsheet and onboarding spreadsheet. If I will continue to provide support to faculty and staff, I hope the inventory spreadsheet will be used. That would be most helpful to me. (Bashar has agreed to take on quoting and purchasing new systems for existing faculty and staff as needed)
    • There is now an Intune onboarding process for macOS systems. The other day, I turned on a new MacBook and connected it to the network. After a short pause, a dialog came up and kicked off an onboard procedure. (!)
    • One of us should always attend the VUMC IT Forum each month. There are a lot of changes happening all the time and it is important to keep up with them.

-- DalePlummer - 21 Feb 2023
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