Summer 2019 Reading Group

Goal: read and discuss some of the articles in the "Statistical Inference in the 21st Century: A World Beyond p < 0.05" issue of The American Statistician

Schedule: Wednesdays in July, except for July 31; 1:30--2:30, department conference room (2525 WEA, room 11105)

Date Article(s) Notes
03 July 2019 1. Amrhein, V., Trafimow, D., & Greenland, S. Inferential Statistics as Descriptive Statistics: There Is No Replication Crisis if We Donít Expect Replication. Laurie to lead discussion.
2. ?
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10 July 2019 1. How Effect Size (Practical Significance) Misleads Clinical Practice: The Case for Switching to Practical Benefit to Assess Applied Research Findings -- Simon will lead discussion
2. ?
Time changed to 12:00--1:00
17 July 2019 1.Sander Greenland, Valid P-Values Behave Exactly as They Should: Some Misleading Criticisms of P-Values and Their Resolution With S-Values.
2. ?
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24 July 2019 1. An Introduction to Second-Generation p-Values,
2. New Guidelines for Statistical Reporting in the Journal,
#2 is the New England Journal of Medicine editorial describing changes to its guidelines for statistical reporting in response to the ASA Statement on P-values and Statistical Significance and subsequent The American Statistician special issue on statistical inference .

Please add your name here if you're interested:

  • Laurie Samuels
  • Hannah Weeks
  • Simon Vandekar
  • Nathan James
  • Dan Ayers
  • Rameela Chandrasekhar
  • Liping Du
  • Josh DeClercq
  • Coleman Harris
  • Jeffrey Blume
  • Thomas Stewart
  • Chiara Di Gravio
  • Valerie Welty
  • Yuwei Zhu
  • Aihua Bian
  • Ying Ji
  • Yi Zuo
  • Jonathan Chipman

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