cp -up ~/S/Hmisc/S.dll Hmisc.windows.dll
cp -up ~/S/Design/S.dll Design.windows.dll

cd /usr/local/splus/library
rm -f ~/biostat/s/library/splus6/*intel*
zip -r ~/biostat/s/library/splus6/Hmisc.intel.linux.zip Hmisc
zip -r ~/biostat/s/library/splus6/Design.intel.linux.zip Design

cd /usr/local/splus/library
rm -f /tmp/Hmisc.zip /tmp/Design.zip
zip -r /tmp/Hmisc Hmisc/README Hmisc/*.r Hmisc/*.f Hmisc/*.c Hmisc/.Data/__Shelp/* Hmisc/.Data/__Hhelp/* Hmisc/.Data/__Jhelp/*

zip -r /tmp/Design Design/README Design/*.r Design/*.f Design/.Data/__Hhelp/* Design/.Data/__Shelp/* Design/.Data/__Jhelp/*

cd ~/biostat/s/library/splus6
cp -p /tmp/Hmisc.zip Hmisc.unix.zip
cp -p /tmp/Design.zip Design.unix.zip


-- FrankHarrell - 22 Mar 2004

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