Softball team shirt orders are due no later than August 26 at 4 pm. Please contact Seth with general questions regarding shirt orders, and contact Cole or Will with questions about adding symbols to the page.

Name Size Symbol Number
Will S 𝜙 golden ratio 47
Cole XL  
Frank L ζ  
Mario XL ξ  
Jeffrey (2 shirts) XL
Chris L $\hat{\beta}$ 10
Meridith S 00
Svetlana S Σ  
Nicole S  
Donna XL Ø
Tatsuki S   37
Jeremy L ℵ₀ aleph naught 28
Kylie M   22
Sarah S 𝜋  
Elizabeth XL   25
Frank Fan L   6
Bashar Shakhtour XL   9
Bryan Shepherd XL <.05  
Audrey XL   48
Cathy Jenkins S   17
Sandeep L   07
Leena S αωε  

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