Seminars and Workshop Schedule Planning

Possible and definite future speakers



16th: Mary Margaret Huizinga, M.D.

9th: Yaoyi Chen

2nd: Paul Harris Ph.D


26th: Cole Beck

19th: ENAR

12th: Erica A. Bowton, BioVU

5th: Regression Course by Frank


26th: Yaomin Xu

19th: Brad Carlin, Ph.D, University of Minnesota, Short course

12th: Jeff Horner


29th: Timothy Thornton, Ph.D. Department of Biostatistics, University of Washington

22nd: Bryan Shepherd



4th: Anindya Roy, PhD, University of Maryland Baltimore County


20th: Benjamin French, PhD, University of Pennsylvania


6th: Department Meeting


30th Dean Follmann, PhD, NIH

23rd: Jeremy Stephens

16th: Hyunyoung Choi, PhD

9th: Chun Li



25th: Steve Cole, PhD, University of North Carolina

18th: Ben Saville

11th: Dale Plummer

4th: Liping Du


28th: Matt Shotwell

14th: Department Meeting


8th: Department Meeting

1st: Leena Choi


24th: Martin A. Lindquist, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, Columbia University

17th: The regular seminar time is reserved for the Annual Supervisors meeting.

10th: Jennifer Clark

3rd: VPES Preformance Evaluation Workshop

3rd: *Cancelled!* Heidi Weiss, Ph.D, University of Kentucky


27th: Ed Powell

20th: Bennett Landman, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Vanderbilt University

13th: ENAR

6th: Regression Course by Frank


27th: Vincent K. Agboto, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Meharry Medical College

20th: *Cancelled!*

13th: Zhouwen Liu

6th: Department Meeting


30th: Cindy Chen

23rd: Cole Beck

16th: Dale Plummer

9th: Jeffrey Blume

2nd: Winter Break



26th: Winter Break

19th: Winter Break

12th: Hakmook Kang

5th: Frank Harrell


28th: Yu Cheng, PhD, Department of Statistics, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh

21st: Thanksgiving

14th: Jeff Horner

7th: All Dept meeting


31st: Dandan Liu

24th: Dave Higdon, PhD, Los Alamos National Laboratory

17th: Edsel A. Peña, PhD, Professor, Department of Statistics, University of South Carolina Columbia

10th: Robert D. Collins, MD, Professor, Department of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology, Vanderbilt University

3rd: *Cancelled!* Martin A. Lindquist, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, Columbia University


26th: Mark Fiecas, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, University of California at San Diego


12th: Baxter Rogers, PhD, Research Assistant Professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences, Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science

5th: Paul Harris, PhD, Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Research Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Biomedical Informatics (Topic: ROCKET)


29th: Trent Rosenbloom, VU Biomedical informatics

1st-22nd: Summer Break

8th: All Dept. meeting


Summer break!


27th: Summer break

20th: Summer break

13th: useR conference

6th: Bruce Craig, Purdue


30th: *Cancelled!*

23rd: Cindy Chen, Assistant Professor, VU Dept of Biostatistics

16th: Shyamal Peddada, NIEHS (Raleigh, NC)

9th: All Department meeting

2nd: Dan Ayers/Jeffrey Blume


25th: Dan Ayers/Jeffrey Blume

18th: Annual Supervisor's meeting

11th: Pingsheng Wu

4th: No seminar (ENAR)


28th: Ben Saville

21st: Anna Snavely

14th: Eric Tchetgen, Harvard

7th: No seminar (Frank's short course)


29th: Matt Shotwell

22nd: Alan Agresti, Univ. of Florida

15th: George Casella, Univ. of Florida

8th: Michael Rosenblum, Johns Hopkins

1st: All Dept. meeting


25th: No seminar

18th: KyungMann Kim (CQS invite)

11th: James Ware, Harvard

4th: No Seminar



28th: No seminar

21st: No seminar

14th: John Graves, Department of Preventive Medicine

7th: Steven Chen, VU Dept. of Biostatistics


30th: Linux seminar cancelled; replace with Frank

23rd: No seminar (Thanksgiving)

16th: Debashis Ghosh

9th: Ben Saville

2nd: Peter Thall, MD Anderson Cancer center (Dept. of Biostatistics)


26th: Heidi Chen, VU Dept. of Biostatistics

19th: Kuang Fu Cheng (Chun Li's contact from Harvard)

12th: All dept. meeting

5th: Dave Harrington, Harvard SPH


28th Linux seminar

21st: Robert Greevy, "Restricted Randomization in Trickle Entry Randomized Controlled Trials"

14th William Wu, VU Dept. of Biostatistics

7th Stefan Conrady, Conrady Applied Science, LLC


3, 10, 17, 24, 31: NO SEMINARS!

Chun Li, Leena Choi ??



13th: All dept. meeting


29th: No seminar

22nd: Val Johnson, MD Anderson Cancer Center

15th: David Engler, Brigham Young University

8th: Chris Fonnesbeck

1st: Steve Meurer, Senior Vice President, Comparative Data & Informatics, University HealthSystem Consortium


25th: Linux seminar

18th: James Malley, NIH

11th: Svetlana Eden, VUMC

4th: Jonathan Schildcrout, VUMC


27th: No seminar: Annual Supervisor's meeting (Mary Banach special seminar sometime this week)

20th: No seminar: ALL DEPT MTG

13th Lily Wang, VUMC

6th: Michael Schemper, PhD, Professor of Clinical Biostatistics, Medical University of Vienna, Austria


30th: Ming Jung Lee (faculty candidate)

23rd: Linux seminar (ENAR)

16th Lori Dodd, PhD, NIH/NIAID

9th Liz Heitman, VUMC

2nd Dandan Liu, University of Washington (faculty candidate)


23rd: Jamie Robins, Harvard

16th: Julie Morath, VUMC

9th: Pingsheng Wu, VUMC Dept of Biostatistics

2nd: Kirk Lane, VUMC (Genetics), The Co-Evolution of Genetics and Biostatistics


26th: Linux seminar

19th: John Cook, MD Anderson

12th: Bryan Shepherd

5th: All Dept. Meeting



22nd & 29th: No seminar (Holiday break)

15th: Qunhua Li, faculty candidate

8th: Dr. John Kittelson, University of Colorado Denver

1st: Mark Canon, PhD., VUMC


24th: No seminar (Thanksgiving)

17th: Chun Li, VU Dept. of Biostatistics

10th: Dr. Victor DeGruttola, Harvard

3rd: Linux seminar


27th: Matthew (Matt) Shotwell, Graduate Student, Division of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Medical University of South Carolina

20th: Patrick Arbogast: Propensity score vs. confounder score (disease risk score)

13th: Ying Qing Chen, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

6th: Vincent Agboto, Director, Biometrics Core, Clinical Research Center (Meharry Medical College)


29th: Frank Harrell, Dept of Biostats

22nd: Kim Crimin, Dept of Biostats

15th: No seminar

8th: No seminar

1st: No seminar


No seminars


28th: Linux seminar

21st: No seminar (Rafe Donahue workshop)

14th:Jason Connor, Ph.D.: Berry Consultants

7th: Vincent Agbotot, Director, Biometrics Core, Clinical Research Center (Meharry Medical College)


30th: Russell Rothman, VUMC (Medical innumeracy)

23rd: Linux seminar

16th: Tatsuki Koyama, VUMC Dept of Biostatistics

9th: No seminar

2nd: Chris Slaughter, VUMC Dept. of Biostatistics


26th: Linux Seminar

19th: Yu Shyr, VUMC Dept. of Biostatistics

12th:Frank Harrell, VUMC Dept of Biostatistics

5th: Elizabeth Heitman


28th: Lisa LaVange, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (old Linux Seminar)

21st: Bill Dupont, Ph.D., VUMC Dept of Biostatistics

14th: Chun Li, Ph.D., VUMC Dept of Biostatistics

7th: Annual Supervisor's meeting


31st: Linux Seminar

24th: No Seminar (ENAR)

17th: Michael Matheny, Vanderbilt University Assistant Professor of Medicine, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics

10th: Morbidity and Methodology series: Gordon Bernard, Frank Harrell

3rd: Hernando Ombao, Associate Professor, Brown University


24th: Robb Muirhead

17th: Elizabeth Heitman, Ph.D., Ethics in Biostatistics Case Conference

10th: Charles Federspiel, Ph.D. (History of VUMC Biostatistics)

3rd: Christopher Fonnesbeck (candidate)


27th: Linux Seminar

20th: Aixiang Jiang, (Cancer center)

13th: Mario Davidson, Ph.D. (Challenges in statistical consulting)

6th: No Seminar. Nobody wants to work on a presentation over the break!



30th: No Seminar

23th: No Seminar

16th: Jae Brodsky, Faculty candidate (Reschedule Elizabeth Heitman, Ph.D., Ethics in Biostatistics Case Conference)

9th: Cindy Chen, Ph.D., Department of Biostatistics

2th: Paul Harris, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Vanderbilt (REDCap)


25th: No Seminar (Day before Thanksgiving)

18th: Theresa Scott, Dept. of Biostatistics (Sweave)

11th: Janez Stare, head of biostatistics at Ljubljana University, Slovenia (Frank's contact)

4th: Jeff Dotson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Marketing, Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management


28th: Linux Seminar

21st: Kirk Lane, VUMC, Ethics in Biostatistics

14th: Chang Yu, Ph.D., Dept. of Biostatistics

7th: JoAnn Alvarez, Dept. of Biostatistics (EM Algorithm)


30th: David Afshartous, Ph.D. (Faculty candidate)

23rd: Linda Peelen, Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, The Netherlands

16th: David Airey, Ph.D., Pharmacology Research Assistant Professor, Center for Human Genetics Research Member, VUSoM

9th: No seminar (summer break)

2nd: No seminar (summer break)


No Seminars (summer break)


29th: Linux Workshop

22nd:Jeffrey Blume, Ph.D.

15th: Bryan Shepherd, Ph.D.

8th: Jonathan Schildcrout

1st: Ben Saville


24th: Linux Workshop

17th: Caiyan Li (faculty candidate)

10th: Elizabeth Heitman, Ph.D., Ethics in Biostatistics Case Conference

3rd: No Seminar. Time reserved for the Annual Supervisors Meetings.


27th: Linux Workshop

20th: Rafe Donahue, Ph.D.

13th: Helena Kraemer, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Biostatistics in Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

6th: Lisa Kaltenbach


29th : Jeffrey Blume (Likelihood III)

22nd : Melissa Basford and Tara Helmer (Into: Paul Harris): StarBRITE and the synthetic derivative

15th : Elizabeth Heitman, Ph.D., Ethics in Biostatistics Case Conference

8th : Chun Li, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics

1st : Linux Workshop (moved from last week in March)


25th : David Dunson, Ph.D., Duke University (replaces Linux workshop)

18th : No Seminar (ENAR meetings)

11th : Jeffrey Blume, Ph.D. (Likelihood part II)

4th : Robert A. Oster, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham


25th : Linux Workshop, Jeremy Stephens, KDE 4

18th : Elizabeth Heitman, Vanderbilt (Ethics)

11th: Vincent Agboto, Director, Biometrics Core, Clinical Research Center, Assistant Professor / Biostatistician, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Meharry Medical College

4th: Frank E. Harrell, Jr., Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Biostatistics, VUMC SOM


28th : Linux workshop

21st : Ellen Clayton

14th : Frank Harrell Jr

7th : Amy Herring, UNC



3rd:Patrick Arbogast

10th: Jeffrey Blume

17th: Bradley Malin, Biomedical Informatics

24th: None

31st: None


5th: Irene Feurer, Vandy

12th: Leena Choi

19th: Elizabeth Heitman (Vanderbilt Ethicist)

26th: Linux Workshop


1st: Lily Wang.

8th: Nate Mercaldo

15th: Ellen Clayton

22nd: Dan Masys: The Rise of Quantitative Decision Making in Clinical Care

29th: Linux Workshop


3rd: Summer Break

10th: Steven Chen (tentative-FH on travel)

17th: Valen E. Johnson, MD Anderson

24th: Christopher Lindsell




2nd : Elizabeth Heitman, Round 2

9th : Wei Pan, PhD, Minnesota (Cancelled)

16th :

23rd : Irene Feuer (Postponed)

30th :


4th : Frank E. Harrell, Jr., PhD, Vanderbilt University

11th :Carol Y. Lin, PhD, CDC, Atlanta, (use

18th : Terri Scott

25th : Linux workshop


5th: Hongwei Zhao, ScD, University of Rochester

7th : Jeff Sloan, PhD

14th : Elizabeth Heitman, Vanderbilt

21st : Laura Lee Johnson, NCCAM

28th : Linux Workshop


2nd : Sebastien Haneuse, Group Health, Seattle

9th :

16st : Elizabeth Koehler

23rd : Bryan Shepherd, Vanderbilt

30th : Linux workshop


5th : Brian Caffo, Hopkins

12th : Heidi Chen, Vanderbilt

19th : None ENAR

26th : Linux workshop


6th : Heidi Chen

13th : T. Charles Casper, University of Wisconsin, Madison

20th : Mark van der Laan, UC Berkeley (postponed)

27th : Linux workshop


2nd : None

9th : Hadley Wickham

16th : Warren Lambert, Kennedy Center

23rd : Andy Tomarken, Vanderbilt Psychology

30th : Linux Workshop (Cole Beck)



3rd : Larry Churchill
  • Vanderbilt University
10th : Bonnie LaFleur
  • Vanderbilt University
17th : Paul Rathouz, PhD
  • University of Chicago
31st : Linux workshop


7th : Frank E. Harrell, Vanderbilt University
Representative curves

This talk will cover work in progress related to developing a flexible graphical approach for displaying representative curves from longitudinal or time series measurements from a set of subjects.

14th : Tatsuki Koyama, Vanderbilt University
Proper inference from Simon's two-stage designs

21st : Dubois Bowman, PhD, Emory University

28th : Linux workshop


7th : Jonathan S. Schildcrout, Vanderbilt University

Title: A nested case-control design for longitudinal data

Abstract: Longitudinal regression analysis of cohort study or administrative data can be used to examine the relationship between time-varying exposures and binary (yes/no) response vectors. However, over time, new hypotheses emerge that cannot be addressed with the information collected from the original cohort. For example, electronic medical and pharmacy records can be exploited to capture the effect of a daily, medication dose on the occurrence of daily adverse event symptoms among hospitalized patients; however, if interest lies in a dose by genotype interaction, additional (genotypic) information is required. In such a circumstance, analysis of the entire original cohort may not not feasible due to costs associated with genotyping. In this talk, I will discuss a study design in which individuals are selected based on values in their (binary) response vectors. I will show that with targeted, outcome-dependent sampling, acquisition of genotypic information is necessary on only on a subset of (informative) individuals. In many realistic scenarios, the proposed conditional maximum likelihood estimates based on the subsample are highly efficient relative to maximum likelihood estimates based on the original cohort. Thus, with little to no loss of information, we may conserve study resources considerably.

14th : No Seminar

21st : Qing Liu, PhD, Johnson & Johnson

28th : Linux workshop


4th :

11th : Mary Dietrich, PhD

18th : Daniel Scharfstein, PhD, Johns Hopkins University

25th : Linux workshop


2nd : James C. Slaughter, PhD candidate University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

9th : James Steiger, PhD

15th : Sijian Grace Ge, PhC

16th : Richard Simon, D.Sc.

23rd : Chun Li, PhD

30rd : Xuesong Yu, PhC


6th : Yu Shyr, PhD

13th : Jeffrey Blume, PhD, Brown University

20th : Peter Meyer, PhD

27th : Mark Carpenter, PhD, Auburn University


4th : None

11th : None

18th : Jeff Jonkman, PhD, Mississippi State University

25th : Linux workshop


1st : None

8th : None

15th : None

22nd : (Faculty candidate) Adriana Pérez, MS,PhD: The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health, Division of Biostatistics

29th : Linux workshop- Room Change to 206 PRB


5th : (Faculty candidate) Lei Xu, MS: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Title: Bayesian Spatial Modeling of fMRI data: A multiple-Subject Analysis

12th : Aixiang Jiang, MS Vanderbilt University Title: Local false discovery rate estimation Based on bootstrap null distribution of control group samples

19th : Robert Greevy, PhD

26th : Linux workshop

28th : Paul Horn, University of Cincinnati


3rd : Alexander Statnikov Vanderbilt University

10th : Knut Wittkowski, Rockefeller University

17th : Cody Hamilton

24th : Brad Efron (please ask Leena to move to another date)

31st : Linux workshop


7th : Leena Choi, Vanderbilt

14th : Tom Braun, Univ Michigan

21st : None (Thanksgiving)

28th : Linux workshop


5th : Patrick Arbogast, Vanderbilt

12th : William Wu

19th : None

20th : Christopher Barr

26th : None.



4th : Marie Griffin, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt University
11th : Don Berry, Ph.D.
  • MD Anderson Cancer Research Center
18th : John Morris, M.D.
  • Vanderbilt University
25th : No Seminar


1st : Ming Li, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt University
15th : Chang Yu, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt

1th : Dan Ayers, M.S.
  • MD Anderson
8th : Heinrich Roder
  • Efeckta Technologies
15th : William DuMouchel, Ph.D.
  • Lincoln Technology
16th : Xi Chen, Ph.C.
  • _NC State _
22nd : Ayumi Shintani, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt

5th : William Dupont, Ph.D. and Leena Choi Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt
12th : William Dupont, Ph.D. and Leena Choi Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt
19th : Susan Cao, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt
26th : Joe Schafer, Ph.D.
  • Penn State

3rd : Kathy Edwards, M.D.
  • Vanderbilt
10th : Mike Daniels, Ph.D.
  • University of Florida
17th : Jonathan Schildcrout, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt
24th : Linux Workshop
  • Vanderbilt
31st : Pingsheng Wu, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt

7th : Chin-Shiang Li, Ph.D.
  • St. Jude's
14th : Ayumi Shintani, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt
21st : Chuan / Chuck manuscript discussion

28th : Linux workshop


5th :

12th : Frank Harrell, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt
19th : Sten Vermund, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt
26th : Linux workshop


2nd :

9th : None (Joint Statistical Meetings)

16th :

23th : Linux workshop

30th :


6th : Wei Zheng, MD Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt University
13th : Chuan Zhou
  • Vanderbilt University
20th : Bryan Shepherd, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt University
27th : Linux workshop


4th : Karl Moons, MD

11th : Rafe Donahue
  • Vanderbilt University
18th : Cindy Chen
  • Vanderbilt University
25th : Linux workshop


1st : Miguel Hernan (tentative)
  • Harvard
8th : Dan Rowe
  • MedColWisc
15th : Aixing Jiang
  • Vanderbilt University
22nd : None (Day before Thanksgiving)

29nd : Jinbo Chen, PhD
  • University of Pennsylvania

6th : Joseph Hogan, Ph.D. (tentative)
  • Brown University
13th : Rogers and Ken

20th : None

27th : None



4th : Open

11th : Jeremiah Cohen
  • Graduate student in Neuroscience, Vanderbilt University.
18th : Jonathan Schildcrout, Ph.D.
  • Department of Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University.
25th : Chun Li, Ph.D.
  • Department of Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University.

1st : Open

8th : I. Tsamardinos Ph.D. & C.F. Aliferis M.D., Ph.D.
  • Department of Biomedical Informatics, Vanderbilt University.
15th : Open

22nd : Craig Trost, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Pfizer, Inc.
29th : Open


6th : Open

13th : Tapabrata Maiti, Ph.D.
  • Department of Statistics, Iowa State University
20th : Yi He


3rd : Jonathan Schildcrout, Ph.D.
  • Department of Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University
17th : Patrick Arbogast, Ph.D.
  • Department of Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University
24th : Stephen Evans

31st : Dean Billheimer, Ph.D.
  • Department of Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University

7th : Marylyn Ritchie, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt University
14th : Kerry Lee, Ph.D.
  • Duke University
21st : Frank Harrell, Ph.D.
  • Department of Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University
28th : Lily Wang, Ph.D.
  • Department of Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University

12th : Dean Billheimer, Ph.D.
  • Department of Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University
19th : Irene Feurer, Ph.D.
  • Departments of Surgery and Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University
26th : Dan Gillen, Ph.D.
  • University of California, Irvine

2nd : Bruce Coill, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt University
9th : Bryan Shepherd, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt University
16th : Wayne Ray, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt University
30th : Brad Biggerstaff, Ph.D.
  • CDC

7th : Terry Thearneau, Ph.D.
  • Mayo
14th : Yu Shyr, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt University
21st : Ming Li, Ph.D.
  • Vanderbilt University