Scrabble Server Registration

The server's current version is 1.6.2.

Registration and Login Steps

  • Start PyScrabble
  • Click Find Public Servers
  • Click Add Host
  • Click Add under Additional hosts
  • Enter the following information
    • Host:
    • Game port: 37299
    • Web port: 37288
    • Location: Vanderbilt Biostatistics
  • Click OK
  • Close the Options window
  • Click Register
  • Select a username and password
  • Click Create
  • Close the Find a Server window
  • Enter your username and password in the main PyScrabble window
  • Find in the Hostname drop-down box
  • Click Login

Notes about PyScrabble

  • Players cannot (re)-join a game once it has been started
  • Only the game's creator can save and restart a game
  • There is no way to pause a game other than saving and restarting
  • Unlike regular Scrabble, only valid words in the game's dictionary can be played
  • Thus, there are no challenges
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