Steps for Creating Analysis Files

Importing SAS Data Library

  1. Store SAS macro in ~/sas/
  2. In the project area for the current report under the data directory create a sascsv subdirectory
  3. In the main directory for the current report create a file containing commands like the following:
      %INCLUDE "H:/sas/";
      libname d SASV5XPT "H:/projects/REDUCE/foo/data/export.xpt";
      %exportlib(d, H:/projects/REDUCE/foo/data/sascsv);
This assumes that on Windows you have H: mapped to your home Linux directory.
  1. Under Windows use Explorer or My Computer to navigate to H:/projects/REDUCE/foo/, left click on, and click on BATCH SUBMISSION.
  2. After the job finishes you will see under file exportsas.log in the same directory as The only error messages you should see are related to missing formats - ignore these.
  3. Use the Hmisc package function sasxport.get to read all the .csv files in data/sascsv

For more information see SASexportHowto.

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