Planning for Biostatistics Collaboration (Recharge) Center

Model 1

  • Service charge for IT support, professional expenses, and administration of recharge center; as well as Core Director, Scientific Director/Advisor (and possibly some minor charge for the Advisory Board)

Model 2

  • Recharge for MS and BS Biostatistician time with costs for Model 1 folded in
    • Level I Basic Services (Biostat I & II, IT-Programming, R/C prelimin dev, billing/administrative)
    • Level II Comprehensive Services (Biostat III + same as above)

Model 3

  • Recharge for PhD biostatistician support, including all MS biostatistician time and charges in Model 1

Model 4

  • Don't charge for support for a faculty biostatistician, even if she is the only biostatistician on the grant. Charge enough for support for MS biostatisticians to cover all IT and most of the professional costs for all.



  • Base on 1400 or 1500 hour year
  • Single salary based on average of all MS biostatisticians, or multiple levels according to salary categories
  • Steve Todd would prefer to see fewer levels

Ramifications and potential advantages

  • Effort reporting is simplified
  • Collaboration Plan will need to be changed to charge same amount grants are charged
    • There can be a rebate to departments
  • Market adjustments to salaries are best made yearly
    • Grants may only increase 3%/year
    • Can go higher but PIs are not happy
  • OH cost recovery + financial support for computer purchases/replacements, professional expense, etc.
  • Seed money from SOM for start-up/development of R/C center

Grant Proposal Budgets

  • To recharge center: hours or $/year

Definition and Charge Menu for Distinct Lines of Business


  • Project Level for full participation on grant
    • Suggest % effort for PhD/faculty Biostatistician + Model 2 costs
  • Experimental or study design
    • suggest _ + Model 1 or Model 2 costs
  • Sample size calculations
    • suggest
  • Data management
    • suggest
  • Data analysis
    • suggest
  • Manuscript preparation
    • suggest

Consulting Services - Internal or External Clients

  • Project level or full analysis
    • Suggest % effort for PhD/faculty Biostatistician + Model 2 costs
  • Experimental or study design
    • suggest _ + Model 1 or Model 2 costs
  • Limited or discreet analysis
    • suggest

Charge to External Clients

  • Academic or other nonProfit Institutions charge = Internal rate + 20%
  • For Profit Entities (Pharmas, Technology Companies) charge = Internal rate + 60%

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Sr Scientific Director - Advising and oversight
  • Core Director - Daily management, intake mtg with PI, assessment of services needed and associated costs, coordination with PI and participants to make sure work is balanced; communication with participants regarding Scope of Work and potential adjustments to charge structure

Deliverables and related tasks (JBlume)

Action(s) Needed

  • Examine current grant (cyle + costs)

Important Notes

  • Fees for VU internal users must be the same, i.e. same cost for same level of service
  • Department-initiated grants will include the core services charge.


  • What is Vanderbilt's experience with transitioning grant % effort projects to recharge?
  • Is it advantageous to channel industry contracts through recharge; if so, a plan for spending excess revenue s/b developed.
  • IT costs for the department are charged to the department; IT costs for the division are provided by the Cancer Center. Per Susan, IT costs for the latter can still be recovered.

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