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Each faculty member was invited to give a "lightning talk" describing their research. Click here for a video of those talks.


  1. Harrell F: R for Clinical Trial Reporting: Reproducible Research, Quality and Validation. userR! 2007: International R Users Group Meeting, Ames IA, 10Aug07


ENAR at Tampa, Florida

1 Chen, Qingxia (Cindy): Sieve Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Missing Covariates in Regression Models, contributed presentation.

JSM, Seattle, WA

1. Arbogast, Patrick: How to reduce the risk of nervous breakdown in physicians taking an introductory biostatistics course.

ICPE, Lisbon, Portugal

1. Arbogast, Patrick: Adjustment for multiple cardiovascular risk factors with a summary risk score.


Twelfth Annual International Conference on Statistics, Combinatorics, Mathematics and Applications, December 2-4, 2005, Auburn University, Auburn,USA

  1. Wang L, Sen PK: Some Statistical Aspects of the Analysis of Genomic Sequences; invited presentation.

2005 JSM, Minneapolis, MN, 7 - 11 August.

  1. Koyama, Tatsuki: Significant design components in general two-stage adaptive procedures; contributed presentation.
  2. Harrell, Frank: Regression Modeling Strategies; 1-day short course, Continuing Education program

2005 AACR/ASCO Workshop Methods in Clinical Cancer Research, Vail CO, August

  1. Shyr, Yu: invited faculty

11th World Conference on Lung Cancer, Barcelona, Spain, July

  1. Shyr, Yu: Invited Presentation

ICSA 2005 Applied Statistics Symposium, Washington DC Metropolitan Area, June

  1. Shyr, Yu: Invited Presentation

International Conference on Applicable Harmonic Analysis, Center of Mathematical Sciences at Zhejiang University, 23-27 May

  1. Hong, Don and Shyr, Yu: Wavelet Applications to Mass Spectrometry Data Processing in Cancer Research, invited presentation

International Conference on the Interactions between Wavelets and Splines, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, 16-19 May

  1. Hong, Don and Shyr, Yu: Spline and Wavelet Applications in Biostatistics and Actuarial Mathematics, invited presentation and Minisymposium Organizer

Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI) Workshop - Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics - Biomarkers in Cancer Research, Columbus OH, April

  1. Shyr, Yu: invited presentation

ENAR, Austin, Texas, 20-23 March

  1. Hong, Don and Shyr, Yu: Recent Progress on Mass Spectrometry Data Processing; contributed paper
  2. Li, Ming, Li, Huiming, Xu, Johnathan, Hong, Don and Shyr, Yu: Wavelets and Evolution Algorithms for Mass Spectrometry Data Processing, contributed paper
  3. Wang, Lily, Sen, PK: Approximating Pairwise Alignment Score Distributions, contributed paper
  4. Koyama T, Shyr Y: Combinations of two-stage designs for testing multiple treatments in phase II cancer trials, contributed paper.

2005 Targeted Therapies for the Treatment of Lung Cancer Conference, Steamboat Springs CO, February

  1. Shyr, Yu: invited presentation

2005 AMS Spring Southeastern Sectional Meeting, Bowling Green, KY, 18-19 March

  1. Hong, Don and Shyr, Yu: Mass Spectrometry Data Processing using wavelets; invited presentation

EPSCoR Minisymposium, Murfreesboro, TN, 19-20 January

  1. Hong, Don: Recent Development of Computational Research in Quantitative Biomedical Science, A Software Package for MS MALDI-TOF Data Processing, invited presentation


International Society for Biological Therapy of Cancer 19th Annual Meeting, San Francisco CA, November

  1. Shyr, Yu: Data Reuction Approaches for high dimensional data drived from high throughput assays, invited presentation

IASLC/ASCO Consensus Conference on Bronchioloaveolar Cell Carcinoma, New York NY, November

  1. Shyr, Yu: Molecular Biology, Genomics, and Proteomics, invited panel discussant

Applied Statistics 2004, an International Conference Sponsored by the Slovenian Statistical Society, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  1. Harrell, Frank: Statistical Principles to Live By, keynote presentation, 19-22 September

North American Stata User's Group Meeting, Boston MA, August

  1. Dupont, William: Density Distribution Sunflower Plots in Stata Version 8, invited presentation

Joint Statistical Meetings, Toronto, August

  1. Harrell, Frank: Regression Modeling Strategies; 1-day short course
  2. Arbogast, Patrick: Performance of Floating Absolute Risks; contributed presentation
  3. Dupont, William: Teaching Intermediate-level Biostatistics to Clinicians Using General Statistical Software Packages; roundtable lunch

20th International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology & Therapeutic Risk Management, Bordeaux, August

  1. Arbogast, Patrick: Performance of Floating Absolute Risks; contributed presentation

2004 AACR/ASCO Workshop Methods in Clinical Cancer Research, Vail CO, August

  1. Shyr, Yu: invited faculty

Joint NCI-FDA Workshop on Research Strategies, Study Design and Statistical Approaches to Biomarkers Validation for Cancer Diagnosis and Detection, Washington DC, July

  1. Shyr, Yu: The Challenges of the Statistical Design, Analysis, and Interpretation for High Dimensional Data; invited speaker

12th SPORE Investigators' Workshop, Baltimore, MD, July

  1. Dupont, William: Breast Cancer Risk Associated with Estrogen Receptor Expression in Epithelial Hyperplasia Lacking Atypia; poster

International Biometrics Conference, Cairns Oz, July

  1. Billheimer, Dean: Functional Data Modeling of MALDI-TOF MS Protein Spectra; contributed paper
  2. LaFleur, Bonnie: Analyses and Evaluation of Normalization Techniques in Quantitative Biology; contributed poster

2004 Hawaii International Conference on Statistics, Mathematics and Related Fields, Honolulu, Hawaii, June

  1. Hong, Don and Shyr, Yu, Lung Cancer Data Analysis Using Wavelet Methods; contributed paper

2004 International Epidemiology Institute Course on Molecular Epidemiology, Nashville TN, June

  1. Shyr, Yu: Analysis of Complex, Multivariate laboratory Data in Epidemiologic Research; invited speaker
  2. Shyr, Yu: Biostatistical Analyses of Proteomic and Microarray Data; invited speaker
  3. Shyr, Yu: Misclassification, Multiple Comparisons, and Sample Size Requirements; invited speaker

Midwest Biopharmaceutical Statistics Workshop, Muncie, IN, May

  1. Koyama, Tatsuki: Two-Stage Procedures For Simultaneously Testing Noninferiority and Superiority; poster

Society for Clinical Trials, New Orleans, May

  1. Harrell, Frank: Regression Modeling Strategies; 1-day short course
  2. Harrell, Frank: Exploratory Analysis of Clinical Safety Data to Detect Safety Signals; contributed paper
  3. Shyr, Yu and Ye, Fei: Balanced Two-Stage Design for Phase II Clinical Trials; contributed paper

ENAR, Pittsburgh, 28-31 March

  1. Billheimer, Dean: A Functional Data Approach to MALDI-TOF MS Protein Analysis; contributed paper
  2. Koyama, Tatsuki: A Flexible Method for Design of Two-Stage Adaptive Procedures; contributed paper
  3. Li, Ming and Shyr, Yu: Adjustable Bayesian Two-Stage Design for Phase II Clinical Trials; contributed paper

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