A Biostatistics Department Poster Contest

  • The purpose of this contest is to stimulate interest in creating a series of posters demonstrating the impact of biostatistics and return on investment for the Biostatistics Department. On October 1, 2008 two winners will be selected by a committee of judges. There will be a $500 prize for best conceived and rendered poster (or video), and a $300 prize for best conceived poster sketch. The first ten people who submit a poster will receive $50 gift card to a local restaurant or store. The winning posters will be displayed in the D-Hallway and on the “big TV”. All members of the Department of Biostatistics are eligible. To enter this contest, create a small poster (21” x 28”) following the guidelines below “Sample Posters” on the following web site.

  • Our department now owns a poster printer. You will be responsible for printing your poster on this printer. The department will pay for the cost of the supplies.

  • Post the 21x28 version of your poster on the wall between CC2102C and CC2102D by September 1, 2008. The panel of judges will pick the winners by October 1, 2008. The winning poster will be printed at full size and hung in the D Hallway.

  • Team entries are welcome. It is the responsibility of the team to decide upon how to divide the rewards/gift cards. Entries can also be concepts that are sketched out and require a graphic artist to render the final version.

  • Entries tying in with Vision 2020 or demonstrating points 1, 10, 11, 12, 14, 20 ,21, 22, or 23 below are especially welcomed.

  • Suggested themes and topics:

  1. Develop a list of particular examples of impacts, e.g. interactions with investigators where there was a course change or a biostatistician's suggestion was especially well received by the PI.
  2. Using modern graphics to improve the odds of publication and funding.
  3. Grants the Department of Biostatistics have participated in.
  4. Publications the Department of Biostatistics have coauthored.
  5. Improvements in teaching of Biostatistics.
  6. Resources the Department of Biostatistics provides to help investigators.
  7. How adaptive designs can improve efficiency of clinical and animal research.
  8. Advantages of reproducible research.
  9. How the collaboration plan has helped Vanderbilt.
  10. How biostatisticians can help get papers published in prestigious medical journals.
  11. How biostatistics can help basic scientists.
  12. How biostatistics can improve efficiency and impact of clinical research.
  13. How our CQI projects help the department.
  14. How statistical methods can be used to reduce mortality and adverse drug events or improve public health on patient outcomes.
  15. Courses and workshops our department provides and the teaching awards associated with these courses.
  16. How the Studio process works, also StarBRITE, vouchers, etc.
  17. Working in New Ways.
  18. Transfer to Society.
  19. Getting Results that Matter. How does Biostatistics impact the health of society? How does Biostatistics transform and improve medical research? How does biostatistics improve how (medical research) science is done?
  20. Improving the probability of NIH funding with improved statistical methods.
  21. Demonstrating that biostatistical involvement in grant applications has already had an impact on VMC's NIH funding now in top 10.
  22. Cartoons or brief stories that show how biostatisticians helped an investigator improve a study, perform a difficult analysis, or publish a paper in a high-profile journal.
  23. Examples from pink sheets of how biostatistics can improve NIH funding.
  24. Comparison of traditional statistical methods with modern methods.
  25. Advantages of having biostatisticians hired before a grant is funded as opposed to the traditional model of trying to recruit and hire biostatisticians if and when a grant becomes funded.
  26. How quickly we are able to get newly hired biostatisticians 100% funded on grants.
  27. The advantages of working at Vanderbilt’s Department of Biostatistics.
  28. Ways to improve the graphics that are used in presentations of Vanderbilt's accomplishments, such as the State of the Medical Center address.

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