Behavior Codes for the Department of Biostatistics

The Department of Biostatistics is a place where staff and faculty members are important. We all have different jobs, but not different worth. All members are expected to be respectful and considerate of each other at all times.

The success of the department depends on our administrative staff to an enormous extent. How you treat administrative staff members reflects how you value their worth to the department. Inconsiderate behavior such as meeting and lunch hour interruptions or placing unreasonable demands on staff members (for example, asking them to prioritize your requests higher than those already made by other faculty or staff members) are not allowed. Likewise, we are proud of our computer support staff, and these staff members should be shown the same courtesy as you show the administrative staff.

If a staff or faculty member feels she/he needs more administrative support in general, she/he should bring this to the attention of Sanel Filipovic.

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