Parts Inventory

Item DescriptionSorted ascending Number Available Where to Buy
Hard Disk Drive Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 80 GB SATA 2 ZipZoomFly
Speakers 2 piece set 4 ZipZoomFly
Computer Power Cables 3 Pin Power Cables 17 CDW
Hubs 4 Port Ethernet Hubs 2 ZipZoomFly
Svideo Cable 6 Ft Long Svideo Cable 5  
Ethernet Cables 10/100 Network Cables 24 CDW
PCI Network Card 10/100 Network Cards 6 ZipZoomFly
Zip Drive 250mb Zip Drive 3.5" or 5.25" drive 1 ZipZoomFly
DVI-VGA Adapter Adapter 35 CDW
Expansion Slot Fan Antec Cyclone 1 ZipZoomFly
Power Supply ATX Motherboard Power Supply 5 ZipZoomFly
Monitor Audio Audio Cable 12 CDW
Seagate HD Barracuda 9LP 4.55 GB 1 ZipZoomFly
DVI Cable Cable 3 CDW
VGA Cable Cable 16 CDW
Imnac Cable Clear Signal Cable 4  
Thermal Compound Cpu to Heatsink heat transfer 1 ZipZoomFly
AMP Cable Digital Connector Cable 4  
DVI-VGA DVI-VGA Monitor Cable 1 CDW
Clear Connect End Adapter End of Cable Connector 3  
Extension Cord Extended Power Cord 2 CDW
PS2 Extender Extension Cable 5 feet long 1 CDW
92 mm Fan Fans 4 ZipZoomFly
80 mm fans Fans 3 ZipZoomFly
60 mm fans Fans 2  
40 mm fans Fans 2 to Firewire to Firewire Cable 17 ZipZoomFly
Centre Com MX10 IEEE 802.3 Microtranseiver 2  
Cordless Keyboard and Mouse Keyboard and Mouse Combo 3 ZipZoomFly
CRT Monitor Monitor 1 CDW
PS2 Mouse Non OPTICAL 2 ZipZoomFly
PS2 Mouse Optical PS2 Mouse 1 ZipZoomFly
Shuttle XPC P4 3Ghz 1GB Mem 80GB HD DVD+-RW Floppy 6 Ordered from Zipzoomfly
Phone Cables Phone/Modem Cables 1 CDW
Imac Parallel to Modem Printer Modem Connector 4  
PS2 Keyboards PS2 Keyboards 6 ZipZoomFly
PS2 to Serial PS2 to Serial Connection 1 CDW
Drive Rails Rails 19  
AC Adapters Router and Modem AC Adapters 5  
Serial Cables Serial Cable Computer to Computer 2 CDW
Standard Surge Protectors Surge Protectors 5 ZipZoomFly
Svideo Adapter Svideo to Composite Video 15 CDW
Centre Com 210TS Twisted Pair Transceiver 4  
USB Keyboards USB Keyboard 0 ZipZoomFly
USB Printer USB Printer Cables 6 CDW
USB-PS2 USB to PS2 Adapter 6 ZipZoomFly
VIVO Graphics VIVO Graphics Card Adapters 9  
Y Clear Connect Adapter Y Adapter 5  
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