Policies for Working with Other Departments in Teaching

These policies so far relate primarily to reimbursement for teaching in the MPH and MSCI programs. In all cases, NIH rules regarding avoidance of double payment for the same portions of time efforts must be observed. In particular, faculty paid 100% out of grants may not receive any funds for teaching at Vanderbilt.

Part of the payment for teaching can in some cases be deposited to a fund whose use is at the discretion of the faculty member. The funds can then be used to pay salary, travel, purchase equipment or books, or to provide bridge funding between grants. One of the best ways to use payments for teaching is to hire a research assistant. When the teaching program is able to fund a teaching assistant while the faculty member is teaching, funds paid to the faculty member that are not needed to support her salary can then be used to fund the assistant for the remainder of the year, as a research assistant. Senior faculty are especially encouraged to consider ways to extend their value to the institution through assistants.

All teaching faculty are, with the assistance of the administrative staff, highly encouraged to estimate their average percent effort paid by teaching over the year and to adjust grant-funded percent efforts accordingly. We wish to avoid having to make temporary adjustments in grant funding just for the duration of teaching, especially when teaching for only a few weeks.

Established Faculty

For faculty who are already paid more than 85% by grants, a maximum of 45% of payments for teaching may be deposited to a discretionary account. 55% or more of payments should pay an appropriate percentage of the faculty member's salary. Effective March 2012, 75% of the payment from MPH or MSCI programs will apply to faculty percent effort with only two senior faculty exceptions.

Junior Faculty

For faculty who as of December 2004 were less than 85% grant funded, teaching should be considered a source of salary support just like a grant, with appropriate percent effort allocation.
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