MySQL tools
  • mysqlnavigator - use apt-get install mysql-navigator

Using OpenOffice as a front end to MySQL database using ODBC

OpenOffice is running on user's workstation. MySQL database is running on a server computer elsewhere. We assume that MySQL is configured to accept connections from appropriate people and locations.

  • make sure MySQL client is installed - use apt-get install mysql-client
    • this may very well add 8 new packages (libdbd-mysql-perl, libdbi-perl, libmysqlclient12, libnet-daemon-perl, libplrpc-perl, mysql-client, mysql-common, mysql-doc), update 4 packages (libperl, perl, perl-base, perl-modules), and remove one package (perl-doc)
  • install ODBC software on workstation - use apt-get install unixodbc
  • install MyODBC software on the workstation (alternatively, use apt-get install libmyodbc)
    1. gunzip MyODBC*.tar.gz
    2. tar xvf MyODBC*.tar
    3. cd MyODBC*
    4. cp libmyodbc3* /usr/local/lib
    5. cp odbc.ini /usr/local/etc
    6. cd /etc
    7. edit odbc.ini & odbcinst.ini
  • run OpenOffice and setup the datasource
    1. Tools -> Data Sources...
    2. click New Data Source
    3. enter DatabaseServer for name
    4. pick ODBC for database type
    5. select DatabaseServer from data source URL
    6. click the ODBC tab and configure as necessary

configuration files in /home/dalep

.my.cnf (configuration file for connection to database)

.odbc.ini (defines what OpenOffice calls "data sources". one [section] for each source)
Description   = Biostatistics Database Server
Driver      = MySQL
Server      =
Database   = test
Port      = 3306
Socket      =
Option      =
Stmt      =
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