OpenOffice Impress Notes


  • Start OpenOffice Presentation (ooimpress)
  • In the Presentation Wizard, select Empty presentation and click Next>>
  • Select the Original slide design for a plain white slide
  • Take defaults in the third wizard window
  • Click Create
  • I want the first slide to be a title slide so I pick that layout
  • Enter some text
  • Create next slide
  • This time I want to use the Title with 2 text boxes layout
  • Enter some text
  • Create next slide (the Flop)
  • Create next slide (the Turn)
  • Create next slide (the River)
  • Ok, thats fine, but it is pretty plain
  • Lets change the Master look of the presentation
  • View, Master, Slide Master
  • Lets change the master name to PokerMaster
  • Change the title font to Bitstream Vera Serif and knock the size down a little
  • Next, change the bullets to something fancier
  • I want my name in the footer and the footer closer to the bottom of the page
  • Lets see how that looks: View, Normal
  • Now add a consistent background
  • View, Master, Slide Master
  • Right cick on the Master, select Slide and Page Setup...
  • On the Background tab, pick a color (Yellow 1)
  • See how it looks: view, normal
  • Change the card suit color so that it is correct
  • From within impress, we can display the presentation in full screen mode (Slide Show)
  • but... if we are going to run the presentation on another computer somewhere then pdf is probably the best format to use.
  • File...Export as PDF...(the defaults are usually OK)
  • Let's see how the pdf looks
  • Click on the pdf file to view it with konqueror
  • View...Presentation (use page up & page down; left click & right click, esc to exit)
  • you can also use Adobe reader if it is installed or you are presenting using a windows computer
  • Once the presentation is complete, be sure to attach it to your twiki page so the whole world can see and enjoy

The initial install of OpenOffice does not come with many templates such as backgrounds for presentations, a memo, or a fax. There are however sites where they can be downloaded.

  • Go to
  • From OpenOffice
  • Plain
  • Look at Black-cyan-yellow & download to /home/dalep/.openoffice.org2/user/template
  • re-open /home/dalep/impress/poker.odp
  • View, Master, Slide Master
  • Right click in the master slide, select slide, and select Slide Design
  • Click on Load and make sure that the My Templates category is selected in the left pane
  • Highlight the Black-cyan-yellow template that we just downloaded and click OK
  • Click OK again
  • View, Normal to see how it looks
  • Customize the logo and presentation name and some text color.
  • Done
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