Summary of OB/GYN Department Projects

  • Last update: 3/7/2012

The following provides a summary of current and completed OB/GYN research projects. For every project, our services included meeting and consulting with the investigator(s), as well as an necessary email correspondence. For the projects for which we conducted any statistical analysis, we also provided data cleaning and management, and written results of our analyses including any necessary methods' descriptions. This brief summary contains the following information

  • the medical student, resident, and/or faculty member assisted,
  • the projects's title or brief description,
  • the "final product" (i.e., grant, manuscript, abstract, etc.), and
  • the service(s) provided.
We also provide teaching services for OB/GYN. Most recently, in July 2011, Chris provided a one-hour introduction to Biostatistics and a residents' meeting. Once a year, a brief talk on how to collaborate with a biostatistician for the resident research projects is also given. Usually this talk is given in September. Informal meetings to answer questions related to the statistical methods in research papers are handled on a case by case basis when needed.

Ongoing projects

  • Jill Nichols, Martha Dudek. The assessment of whether women make informed decision about a blood test "MaterniT21" (detecting Down Syndrome for women older than 35). Study design and questionaire has been discussed.
  • Barry Grimm, Angela Wilson-Liverman and Kelly Bennett. Study is a randomized trial comparing two common medicines for induction of labor (Vaginal Misoprostol v.s. Intravenous Oxytocin). IRB application already submitted; need help with the study design and randomization. Scheduled a meeting to discuss those issues. Completed sample size (using PS software) calculation and two paragraphs summary about the study design (randomization process and power and sample size).
  • Georgia Ferrell, Cefazolin study, explore difference in infection rates between two groups. Sample size calculated, have discussed study design and interim analysis idea, data collection not finished.
  • Deborah Wage, Rashonda Lewis, Kathie Hartmann. Centering Pregnancy Study. Study is in data collection; have discussed analysis plan.
  • Megan Wilson. Retrospective review of neonatal and maternal complications following operative vaginal delivery. Will compare complications to c-sections. Have met and discussed study design.
  • Kim Edwards. Case-control study of post-hysterectomy surgical site infections. Continuation of resident research project by Reesha Shah. Data collection almost done, need to meet for data analysis.
  • Meghanna Gowda with Dr Biller. Topical nifedipine cream as a treatment for patients with high tone pelvic floor dysfunction. Provide power calculations.
  • Dennis McWeeney. Can a comprehensive Obstetric-Anesthesia provider communication-education program alter obstetrical outcomes in deliveries complicated by postpartum hemorrhage. Faculty research. Have held design studio, will followup with preliminary data when available.
  • Tanya Evers. Quantify the percent of those subjects who are compliant to followup for HPV vaccine. Discussed study design.
  • May Thomaseee. Laparoscopic Hernia Study. Discussed study design and redcap database.
  • Cara Golish, Stacy Scheib, Howard Curlin. Comparing outcomes of single site, conventional laparoscopic, and robotic assisted total laparoscopic hysterectomy (with or without adnexectomy). Resident research project. Have discussed study design.
  • Sozdar Abed. Clinbical trial of fish oil and pre-term birth (prospective). Have discussed sample size, study design. Resident research project
  • Sozdar Abed. Ectopic pregnanices and medication use (retrospective). Have discussed sample size, study design. Resident research project

Completed projects (project completed after July 2011)

  • Trent Rice Nicklaus with Dr Ward. Retrospective study at the new patient visits before and after 2011 FDA mesh warning. Redcap database and additional excel format data set completed. Data analysis finished and abstract submitted.
  • Nathan Webb and Elizabeth Vargis , Cervix Study, spectra changes during preganancy. Single patient data available; analysis plan was discussed and three patients data was analyzed. 40 patients demograhic and spectra data added, statistical models were discussed; anlysis finished.
  • Meghana Gowda. Trabeculations. Fellow project. Have discussed study design and redcap database. Redcap data available, now in the process of data analysis (comparison of descriptive statistics in terms of trabeculation status). Descriptive statistics summary and logistic model analysis already finished, abstract submitted for review.
  • Andrew Wilson. More histone markers and survival. Part of the Khabele histone analysis. Analysis completed, abstract submitted.
  • Hal Jones. TLH database. Has data in Redcap. Have completed an analysis report.
  • Etoi Garrison. Numeracy testing and diabetes management. Final product will be abstract and paper. Analysis completed, abstract submitted.
  • Dineo Khabele. Histone marker survival analysis. Final product will be abstract and paper. Analysis completed, abstract submitted.
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