Mingsheng (Mike) Guo


VICC-Cancer Biostatistics Division, Department of Biostatistics, School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University
  • Email: mingsheng.guo@vanderbilt.edu
  • Office Phone: (615) 936-7653

  • Biostatistics & Biomedical, Computing & Coding, Informatics & Instrumentation

    • 2011- Present, Bioinformatician, VICC - Cancer Biostatistics Division, Biostatistics Department, VU.
    • 2009- 2010, Bioinformatician, VICC - Cancer Biostatistics Division, Biostatistics Department, VU.
    • Genomic data batch processing, command line and Perl coding. Genetic Epidemiology, Vol.34(7):716-724. Nov 2010. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/gepi.20532/abstract
    • Biomedical spectra and imaging classification methods, software development, and data analysis, Labview and R coding. Biomedical Vibrational Spectroscopy IV, Proceedings of SPIE,Vol.7560, Feb 2010. http://spie.org/x648.html?product_id=858804
    • Web-based Patient Survival Risk Score evaluation, PHP coding. http://www.vicc.org/biostatistics/Risk-Score-Patient-Survival.php
    • Mass spectrometry signature database pipeline for cancer genetic data, Perl coding.
    • National Cancer Institute lung cancer database analysis and report for University of Colorado Cancer Center, Perl coding.
    • Web-based cancer medical database development, Ruby on Rails coding,MySQL db.
    • Web-based office management information system development (purchasing, schedules, etc.), Ruby on Rails coding,MySQL db. https://cbc.mc.vanderbilt.edu/office
    • Sample size estimation and evaluation for Raman spectra data, R coding.
    • PowerLoss calculation software, Labview coding.
    • Patient information random encryption method design, Labview coding.
    • Wave Spec proteomic data processing, Matlab.
    • Dynamic data display using Multidimesional Scaling, Matlab.
    • 2004- 2009, Raman spectroscopies of cornea laser surgery (Collagen protein), Fisk University. As a co-work with Department of Physics, Vanderbilt University. Optics Express, Vol. 17(12) 2009. Biophysics Journal, Vol. 94(4) 2008, and Vol. 91(4) 2006.
    • 2003- 2008, Research assistant professor, Protein Raman/IR spectroscopes and surface enhance Raman with CBST at UC Davis, Fisk University. Discover the antifreeze glycoprotein (AFGP) conformation changes with the temperature and it relates to hydrogen bonding.
    • 2003- 2006, Photoluminescence mapping system development, Fisk University. Hardware setup and the software for data acquisition, analysis, editor, and viewer.
    • 2003- 2005, Radiography software development for VU-VaNTH program on biomedical engineering education of X-ray imaging, Fisk University. X-ray simulator (XRS), osteoporosis diagnosis simulator (DX-ODS), and nuclear imaging simulator (NIS).
    • 2002- 2004, Research associate, Gamma-ray imaging system evaluation, Fisk University. Collaborated with the Department of Radiology, VU.
    • 2000- 2001, IT assistant, Computer Information Technology, TSU.
    • 1998- 2000, M.S. candidate, Computer Information System Engineering, TSU.
    • 1994- 1997, Geophysical data processing, interpretation, modeling, and simulation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (Shanghai). The First-class Prize for The 1995 Excellent Achievements of Improving Science and Technology, CNOODHC.
    • 1983-1994, B.S., M.S., Ph.D, Geophysics, Nanjing University. Research on Oil/gas potential of the East China Sea.

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