Study goals and hypotheses

* Study investigates the effect of the '!ClearSight' device and related management algorithm use on intraoperative hemodynamics and management, and postoperative outcomes

  • Are hemodynamic parameters generally kept in bounds when using ClearSight? Did we stick to the protocol (the management algorithm)?

  • Was ClearSight associated with improved hemodynamic management (hemodynamic outcomes)?

  • Does use of ClearSight improve outcomes (e.g., postoperative complications, length of stay)?

Notes from meeting 2016-09-23 (McEvoy, Shotwell, Michaels)

* Need a SAP for before data viewed

* Use 'joi140061.pdf' paper and supplemental material as a guide for our analysis (attached)

* Damon with provide REDCap access to YS and MS

-- MattShotwell - 24 Sep 2016

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