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Optimal design for a challenge-response experiment. Right-click the graphic below to 'view image' or 'open image in new tab', then drag the left gray bar to view the effect of modifying the 'challenge' design. This interactive graphic uses Javascript. It is best viewed using Google Chrome.

Professional Interests

  • Statistical Computing
  • Statistical Inference
  • Reproducible Practices
  • Bayesian Statistics
    • Partition Models
    • Nonparametrics
  • Biomedical Applications

Short Tutorials

Personal Interests

  • Computer programming / electronics
  • Automobile and lawnmower mechanics
  • Outdoor activities: jogging, hiking, and skiing (down hill)

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Papers Critical of Post-Hoc Power Analysis (and one alternative view)

  • These papers were posted to the MEDSTATS email list by Neil Shephard
  • Hoenig, John M. and Heisey, Dennis M. (2001), The Abuse of Power: The Pervasive Fallacy of Power Calculations for Data Analysis The American Statistician 55:19-24.
  • Levine M, Ensom MH (2001) Post hoc power analysis: an idea whose time has passed? Pharmacotherapy 21:405-409.
  • Goodman SN, Berlin JA. (1994) The use of predicted confidence intervals when planning experiments and the misuse of power when interpreting results. Ann Intern Med 121:200-6.
  • Thomas L (1997) Retrospective power analysis. Conservation Biology 11:276-280.
  • Yuan K-H, Maxwell S (2005) On the post hoc power in testing mean differences. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics 30:141-167.
  • Walters SJ (2008) Consultants' forum: should post hoc sample size calculations be done? Pharm Stat 8:163-169.
  • Onwuegbuzie AJ, Leech NL (2004) Post Hoc Power: A Concept Whose Time Has Come. Understanding Statistics 3:201-230.

Papers describing the nuace of adjustment of multiple testing

  • Feise, R.J. Do multiple outcome measures require p-value adjustment?. BMC Med Res Methodol 2, 8 (2002).
  • Rothman, K. J. (1990). No adjustments are needed for multiple comparisons. Epidemiology, 43-46.
  • Althouse, A. D. (2016). Adjust for multiple comparisons? Itís not that simple. The Annals of thoracic surgery, 101(5), 1644-1645.

Crossover studies

2017 MS Continuing Education Seminar Materials

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FirstName Matt
LastName Shotwell
OrganisationName Department of Biostatistics. Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Profession Associate Professor of Biostatistics
State Tennessee
Address 2525 West End, Ste. 11000 Nashville, TN 37203
Telephone 615-875-3397
InstantMessaging (IM)
Email Matt.Shotwell 'at' Vanderbilt 'dot' edu
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