Installing Linux Printers using the Command Line

Wait! We are seeing problems on some workstations. Ubuntu tries to autodiscover printers on the network. That sometimes causes conflicts when we also manually define the printers as instructed here. Before running any of the commands on this page, check and see if the printers get installed "auto-magically". If you see biostatcolor2, bioststcolor3, etc. printers as choices when you try to print something then try those. If they don't print correctly then run these commands. If you run these commands you will have printers with a "00_" prefix (e.g. 00_biostatcolor2, 00_biostatcolor3, etc.

Note - this is specific to the HP Color LaserJet M651 printers in the Department of Biostatistics.

Click here for information on installing these printers on Macintosh computers.

The process consists of 3 steps for each printer to be installed.
  1. set default path to be the location where the printer definition files are stored
  2. copy the appropriate printer definition file from this wiki to the storage location
  3. use the lpadmin command to create the printer

For a particular printer, you can skip steps 1 and 2 if you have already installed another printer of the same type.

Get the printer definition file (steps 1 & 2)

cd /usr/share/cups/drv
sudo wget
sudo wget

biostatcolor1 - HP Color LaserJet M651 (general purpose printer)

sudo lpadmin -p 00_biostatcolor1 -L "biostatistics" -D "HP Color LaserJet M651" -P /usr/share/cups/drv/hp-color_laserjet_m651-ps.ppd -v socket:// -E

biostatcolor2 - HP Color LaserJet M651 (general purpose printer)

sudo lpadmin -p 00_biostatcolor2 -L "biostatistics" -D "HP Color LaserJet M651" -P /usr/share/cups/drv/hp-color_laserjet_m651-ps.ppd -v socket:// -E

biostatcolor3 - HP Color LaserJet M651 (general purpose printer)

sudo lpadmin -p 00_biostatcolor3 -L "biostatistics" -D "HP Color LaserJet M651" -P /usr/share/cups/drv/hp-color_laserjet_m651-ps.ppd -v socket:// -E

biostatcolor4 - HP Color LaserJet M651 (administrators)

sudo lpadmin -p 00_biostatcolor4 -L "biostatistics" -D "HP Color LaserJet M651" -P /usr/share/cups/drv/hp-color_laserjet_m651-ps.ppd -v socket:// -E

biostatcolor5 - HP Color LaserJet M553 (graduate students)

sudo lpadmin -p 00_biostatcolor5 -L "biostatistics" -D "HP Color LaserJet M553" -P /usr/share/cups/drv/hp-color_laserjet_m553-ps.ppd -v socket:// -E
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