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MA in Economics
Vanderbilt University in 2006
graduated the Outstanding Student of the Year
Master's Thesis: "A Model of technical inefficiency effects of military spending in a stochastic frontier for a panel data of OECD countries" under Cliff Huang

BS in Finance with Honors
University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign in 2004
Minor: Biological Anthropology
Phi Kappa Phi scholar

Computer Skills

R (Beginner)
SAS (Early Advanced) SAS Certified programmer
Mathematica (Intermediate)
STATA (Intermediate in graphics only)
Perl (Early Advanced)
SQL (Late Beginner)
Eviews (Intermediate)
Excel, Powerpoint, Access (Intermediate)
DEAP/Frontier (Advanced)

Curriculum Vitae


using Petfinder to find my wonderful pets
supporting Neurodiversity
certified SCUBA diving (in sharkless waters preferably)
oil painting (amateur)
singing very badly
volunteering at metro animal services as a cat socializer
playing piano (advanced)
Favorite song to play: Piano Concerto No. 3 by Rachmaninoff
Favorite composer: Rachmaninoff
First thing I'd buy with $10000: Baby Grand Piano


"...one rather curious conclusion emerges, that pure mathematics is on the whole distinctly more useful than applied. A pure mathematician seems to have the advantage on the practical as well as on the aesthetic side. For what is useful above all is technique, and mathematical technique is taught mainly through pure mathematics.." ~G.H. Hardy on pg. 41 of A Mathematician's Apology.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" ~Gandhi

"Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist" ~George Carlin

"My wife does my mathematics" ~Einstein

"I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man" ~Gandhi

Personality Test

(not sure how accurate but still fun.....)
My Jung Typology Test type is INTJ (Introverted (100%) Intuitive (50%) Thinking (1%) Judging (11%))

INTJ type description by D.Keirsey

INTJ type description by M. Heiss
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