Importing New Modules into CVS with Cervisia

In CVS, a module is nothing more than a folder and all files and folders underneath. This tutorial will describe how to import your folder of software into CVS.

First, click on the Cervisia View icon to get into Cervisia Mode.

Next, click on the menu item Repository -> Import. You should see the following window:


The Working Folder is very important. It describes which folder will be imported as the CVS module. In the example above, the RApache folder in /home/hornerjr/R_MODULE/mod_R folder will be imported, and the module name will be RApache. I also recommend clicking the checkbox "Use file's modification time as time of import. This is important if you want to preserve the original timestamps. Otherwise all the files will be imported with the current time.

Click OK. You should now be able to check out your new module named RApache, and you can follow the instructions in KonqCervisiaCvs to checkout your new module.

One Caveat: I recommend renaming the folder you just used to import the module. In the case above, rename /home/hornerjr/R_MODULE/mod_R/RApache to something like home/hornerjr/R_MODULE/mod_R/RApache.bak. That way, when you go to checkout RApache, you won't overwrite RApache.bak.
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