Reference books

Subject Title of Book Author(s) Pub Date/
Checked Out By (name) Check-Out
Survival Analysis Predicting Outcome of Heart Transplantation Tjang, Yanto Sandy 2008    
Meta-analysis Causal Meta-Analysis: Methodology and Applications Bax, Leon 2009    
Prediction Modeling Predicting Occupational Lung Diseases Suarthana, Eva 2008    
Design and Analysis Diagnostic Research: Improvements in Design and Analysis Biesheuvel, Corne 2005    
Mathematical Statistics The Likelihood Principle Berger, James O.,
Wolpert, Robert L.
Statistical Methods Analysis of Infectious Disease Data Becker, Niels G., 1989    
Medical Statistics Medical Uses of Statistics, 2nd Edition Bailar, John C.,
Mosteller, Frederick
Infinitesimal Calculus Tables of Indefinite Integrals Bois, G., Petit 1961    
Statistical Methods Statistical Methods in Cancer Research: Volume 1
The Analysis of Case-Control Studies
Breslow, N. E.,
Day, N.E.
Mathematics Mathematical Tables and Formulas Carmichael, Robert D.,
Smith, Edwin R.
(compiled by)
Survival Analysis Survival Analysis: Volume 2 Crowley, John,
Johnson, Richard A.
Mathematical Statistics Order Statistics 2nd Edition David, Herbert A. 1981    
Research Ethics Protecting Study Volunteers in Research: 2nd Edition
A Manual for Investigative Sites
Dunn, Cynthia M.,
Chadwick, Gary L.
Analysis of Variance Applied Statistics: Analysis of Variance and Regression 2nd Edition Dunn, Olive J.,
Clark, Virginia A.
Linear Algebra Computational Methods of Linear Algebra Faddeeva, V.N. 1959    
Statistics Practical Nonparametric Statistics Conover, W.J. 1971    
Outcome Assessment Risk Adjustment for Measuring Health Care Outcomes Iezzoni, Lisa, I. 1994    
Outcome Assessment Diagnostic and Prognostic Research in Pediatrics Oostenbrink, Rianne 2001    
Statistical Inference Bootstrapping: A Nonparametric Approach to Statistical Inference Mooney, Christopher Z.
Duval, Robert D.
Statistical Methods Modern Statistical Methods in Chronic Disease Epidemiology Moolgavkar, Surech H.
Prentice, Ross L.
Mathematical Statistics Graduate Text in Mathematics: Probability Theory I Loeve, M. 1977    
Mathematical Statistics Graduate Text in Mathematics: Probability Theory II Loeve, M. 1977    
Mathematical Statistics Graduate Text in Mathematics: Denumerable Markov Chains Kemeny, John G.,
Snell, Laurie J.,
Knapp, Anthony W.
Statistical Methods Statistical Methods For Survival Data Analysis Lee, Elisa T. 1980    
Survival Analysis Predictive Value and Goodness-of-fit in Survival Analysis Verweij, Pierre 1985    
Programming Understanding C Townsend, Carl 1989    
Mathematical Statistics Graduate Texts in Mathematics Spitzer, Frank 1975    
Mathematics Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables Spiegel, Murray R. 1968    
Mathematical Statistics Introduction to Probability Models Ross, Sheldon M. 1972    
Data Processing Clinical Data Management Rondel, R.K.,
Varley, S.A.,
Webb, C.F.,
Econometrics Nonparametric Econometrics Pagan, Adrian
Ullah, Aman
Medical Statistics Statistics in Medicine: Volume 2, Number 2 Colton, T.,
Freedman, L.S.,
Johnson, A.L.,
Medical Statistics Statistics in Medicine: Volume 2, Number 1 Colton, T.,
Freedman, L.S.,
Johnson, A.L.,
Scientific Methods An Introduction to Scientific Research Wilson, E.Bright 1952    
Statistics Tables Of The Negative Binomial Probability Distribution Williamson, Eric
Bretherton, Michael H.
Mathematics The Design and Analysis of Sequential Clinical Trials: 2nd Edition Whitehead, John 1992      
Statistics Introduction to Probability Theory Hoel, Paul G.,
Port, Sidney C.,
Stone, Charles J.
Programming The Art Of Computer Programming Knuth, Donald E. 1975    
Numerical Computation Elements of Statistical Computing: Numerical Computation Thisted, Ronald A. 1988    
Programming An Introduction to S and S-Plus Spector, Phil 1994    
Statistics Introduction to Statistics: A Nonparametric Approach, 2nd Edition Noether, Gottfried E. 1976    
Data Analysis Statistical Computing: An introduction to Data Analysis using S-Plus Crawley, Michael J. 2002    
Methods Modern Applied Biostatistical Methods: Using S-Plus Selvin, Steve 1998    
Computer Software Math Type: User Manual Design Science, Inc.
Mathematical Statistics Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, 2nd Edition Hogg, Robert V.,
Craig, Allen T.
Methods Statistical Methods 6thEdition Snedecor, George W.,
Cochran, William, G.
Medical Reference ICD 9 CM: International Classification of Diseases, 9th Edition Clinical Modification Volume 1 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,
Public Health Service-Health Care Financing Administration
Medical Reference ICD 9 CM: International Classification of Diseases, 9th Edition Clinical Modification Volume 2 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,
Public Health Service-Health Care Financing Administration
Medical Reference CPT Physicians Current Procedural Terminology, 4th Edition Fanta, Charlotte M.,
Finkel, Asher J.,
Kirschner, Celeste G.,
Kosche, Michelle A.,
(Editorial Staff)
Statistical Models Statistical Models in S Chambers, John M.,
Hastie, Trevor, J.,
Demography Introduction To Demography: Revised Edition Spiegelman, Mortimer 1969    
Research Design Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs For Research Campbell, Donald T.,
Stanley, Julian C.
Statistics Ordinal Data Modeling: Statistics for Social Science and Public Policy Johnson, Valen E.,
Albert, James H.1999
Regression Models Alternative Methods of Regression Birkes, David,
Dodge, Yadolah
Statistical Methods Nonparametrics:Statistical Methods Based On Ranks Lehmann, E.L.,
D'Abrera H.J.M.
Statistical Theory Introduction to the Theory of Statistics, 3rd Edition Mood, Alexander,
Graybill, Franklin A.,
Boes, Duane C.
Risk Analysis Drug Induced Arrhythmias De Bruin, Marie Louise 2004  
Statistical Methods Economic And Environmental Risk And Uncertainty Nau, Robert,
Gronn, Erik,
Machina, Marck,
Bergland, Olvar (Editors)
Bayesian Inference Bayesian Data Analysis Gelman, Andrew,
Carlin, John B.,
Stern, Hal S.,
Rubin, Donald B.
Computer Programming Beginning Programming For Dummies, 2nd Edition Wang,Wallace 2001      

Academic Journals

Academic Journals and Medical Periodicals can be found in the back Library next to Dr.Federspiel's office. Room number CC2102 U

The back Library is organized into 8 shelfs each containing different Journals, Books, and Periodicals.

Shelf # Name of JournalSorted ascending Volume Number Year
    vol.147 1,2,3,5,6  
    vol.148 1,2,4,5,6  
    vol.149 1,2,3,4,5,6  
    vol.150 1,2,3,5,6  
    vol.151 1,2,3,4,5,6  
    vol.152 1,2,3,4,5,6  
    vol.153 2,3,5  
    vol.68-88   1973-1993
    vol.32 1,2,3,4, supplement  
    vol.33 1,2,3  
    vol.35 2,3,4  
    vol.36 1,2,3,4  
    vol.37 2,3,4  
    vol.38 1,3,4  
    vol.39 1,2  
    vol.40 2,3,4  
    vol.41 1,2,3,4,5,6  
    vol.42 1  
    vol.35 1,2,3,6  
    vol.36 1,2  
    vol.10-12   2001-2003
    vol.13,14   2004-2005
      5 1984
      6,7,8,9 1985-88
      10 1989
      11,12 1990-91
      13,14,15 1992-94
      16,17 1995-96
      17 1996 cont.
      18,19 1997-1998
      19,20 1998-1999
      20,21 1999-2000
      21,22 2000-2001
      22,23 2001-2002
      23,24 2002-2003
      24 2003 cont.
    vol.2 1,2,3,4,5,6 supplement 1 2005
    vol.3 1,2,3,4,5,6 2006
    vol.4 1,2,3,4,5 2007
    vol.9   1987
    vol.12   1990
    vol.14   1992
    vol.15 1 1993
    vol.15 2 1993
    vol.55-61   2002-2008
    50-54   1994-1998
  Tracking Healthy People 2010      
  Adobe Photoshop 4.0 user guide      
  Adobe Photoshop 5 and 5.5 User guide      
  Advanced Techniques in Word Perfect      
1 American Heart Journal vol.146 1,2,3,5,6  
  An introduction to DATABASE systems      
  An introduction to S and S Plus Spector      
  An Introduction to Scientific Research Wilson      
  Annals of Epidemiology vol.9-16   2000-2006
  Apache Server Unleashed      
4 Applied FORTRAN programming with Standard FORTRAN, WATFOR, WATFTV and WATFTV Structure      
8 Biometrics vol.30-47   1974-1991
  Biometrics vol.55-63 1-4 1999-2007      
6 Biopharmaceutical Report      
  CA A cancer journal for clinicians      
  Clinical Data Management      
5 Clinical Trials vol.1 1,2,3,4,5,6 supplement 1 2004
  Control of Communicable Diseases in man      
  Controlled Clinical Trials   1,2,3,4 1980-83
  Dictionary for clinical trials      
  Epidemiologic Reviews 8   1986
  Goal-directed intensive care of traumatic brain injury      
  Health Services and Outcomes research Methodology vol. 1-7    
  Health, United States, 2001 (2 copies)      
  ICD 9 CD vol.1,2    
  IMS Bulletin      
  Introduction to Demography      
  Introduction to Mathematical Statistics      
  Introduction to Statistics Noether      
  JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) vol.31 1,2,3,4  
  Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 15-51   1973-1998
  Journal of the American Statistical Association 52   1957
2 Journal of the American Statistician 77-102    
  Mathematical Handbook Spigel      
  MathType 5      
  Medical Care vol.36-38   1998-2005
  Modern Applied Biostatistical Methods      
  Modern Applied Statistics with S      
3 New England Journal of Medicine vol. 241-347    
  New England Journal of Medicine index (vol. 289-308) vol. 289-308    
  Nonparametrics: Statistical Methods Based on Ranks Holden-Day      
  Ordinal Data Modeling      
  Physicians Current Procedural Terminology     1993
  Privacy, Confidentiality and Data Security (binder)      
  Programming with Data      
  Programs after traumatic brain injury      
  S-Plus 4 guide to Statistics      
  S-Plus 4 programmers guide      
  S-Plus 6 Programmers Guide      
  S-Plus 6 user's guide      
  S-Plus 6 user's guide vol. 1,2    
  SAS programmer's guide      
  SAS/IML user's guide   Version 5  
  SAS/STAT user's guide vol.1 Version 6  
  SAS/STAT user's guide vol. 1,2,3 Version 8  
  Science vol.294-308   2001-2006
  STATA Bulletin      
7 Statistical Computing Crawley      
  Statistics in Medicine vol 1-29   1987-2010      
  Tables of Indefinite      
  Technometrics 152    
  Tennessee Statistical Abstract     1990
  The American STAT vol.30-61    
  The Annals of Applied Statistics 1 1 2007
  The Breast vol. 6-9   1996-2000
  The Statistical Analysis of recurrent events      
  Understanding Medical Uses of Statistics      
  Web Programming in Python      
  Windows Endnote      
  Windows Endnote 5      


Title of Dissertation Author Pub Date/
Analysis Of Nonfatal Outcomes In Clinical Trails In Which Mortality is Present Mcmahon, Robert Patrick 1989, The University of North Carolina
Estimation Of Mean Treatment Cost In The Presence Of Right-Censoring Carides, George Warren 1998, Temple University
Survival Ayalysis For Fixed Or Time-Dependent Strata Using The Stratified Sline Proportional Hazards Model Shen, Yuan-Li 1993, University of North Carolina
Proportional Odds And Partial Proportional Odds Models For Ordinal Response Variables Perterson, Bercedis Leola 1986, Chapel Hill
A Parametric Survival Model Which Generates Monotonic And Non-Monotonic Hazard Functions And Incorporates Time-Dependent Covariables Herndon, James Emmett 1988, Chapel Hill

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