Interview Arrangement Q&A

Our departmental administrative team will be assisting you through the travel and interview process.

In an effort to minimize the number of emails you receive during this process, we have prepared the following information.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the administrative team members assisting in the recruitment process.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Please note: at the bottom of this page is a list of the information we will need to make your travel arrangements, along with important information regarding reimbursement of travel expenses. Please be certain to read all the way to the bottom of this page.

Recruitment Team
Contact Information
Department of Biostatistics
2525 West End Ave, Suite 1100
Nashville,TN 37203
Areas of Assistance
Tawanna Peters
Travel coordination & interviewing planning
Interview day guide and post-visit reimbursement
Sanel Filipovic
Offer letters and post-offer questions
Ron Jannetta
Post-visit reimbursement approval

The following is our standard schedule for candidate visits. If this schedule does not work for you, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.
  • DAY 1
    • Arrive in the afternoon.
    • Hotel check-in and visit the area.
  • DAY 2
    • Meet with department members and complete interviews.
    • Depart in the evening.
With this schedule in mind, please provide the following information to, so that we may proceed with making your travel arrangements:
  1. Full legal name (must match government issued photo identification for airline ticket)
  2. Date of birth (needed for some airline bookings)
  3. Preferred date(s) of interview (please note: interviews are typically scheduled two to four weeks out from the time we receive your information)
  4. Whether you plan to drive or fly to Nashville
  5. If flying:
    1. Preference for earlier or later afternoon arrival
    2. Additional preferred date(s) and time(s) of departure and return, if schedule will be other than the two-day trip outlined above
    3. Preferred departure/return city/airport
    4. Whether you will rent a car or will need ground transportation from the airport (please note: local car rental is reimbursable for faculty candidates only )
    5. Please note: airfare is NOT reimbursable for candidates who live within a 250-mile radius of Nashville; please see reimbursement details below.
  6. If driving:
    1. Whether you plan to drive your own car or rent a vehicle.
    2. Note: car rental for transportation to Nashville is reimbursable for faculty or staff candidates
  7. Any special requirements
Reimbursement of travel expenses

General information
  • Only the candidate’s personal expenses will be reimbursed (i.e., expenses of family members or other traveling companions are NOT reimbursable).
  • All requests for reimbursement must be accompanied by the original ITEMIZED receipt for each expense.
  • Post-visit, please submit receipts to for processing of reimbursement.
  • The candidate is responsible for all non-refundable travel costs in the event of trip cancellation after arrangements are confirmed.
Air transportation
  • If you live at least 250 miles from Nashville and wish to fly, airline tickets will be purchased by the department on your behalf.
  • Additional fees (early-bird check-in, additional baggage) are NOT reimbursable.
  • If you live within 250 miles of Nashville and wish to fly, you will need to make your own arrangements. Air transportation is NOT reimbursable for candidates who live within 250 miles of Nashville.
Ground transportation
  • Airport-hotel shuttle service
    • If you will fly into Nashville and do not wish to rent a vehicle, the department will arrange for a car to meet you at the airport upon your arrival, and on campus at the end of the interview day, for airport pick-up and drop-off.
    • This expense is pre-paid by the department on your behalf.
  • Rental car
    • Subject to limitations as noted below, rental car costs are reimbursable for:
      • Candidates who drive to Nashville and do not wish to use their personal vehicle
      • Faculty candidates only : Candidates who fly into Nashville and wish to rent a car at the airport
    • Reimbursement is limited to the following:
      • Economy-size car
      • Maximum of two-day rental
      • Tolls and parking fees
      • Gasoline purchase:
        • Maximum of one gasoline fill-up for those flying into Nashville and renting a car locally
        • Maximum of two gasoline fill-ups for those driving to Nashville in a rental car
      • NOT reimbursable
        • Mileage
        • Upgrades or accessories (e.g., satellite radio)
        • Fines, tickets, etc.
    • Due to rental agency restrictions, we are not able to reserve a car on your behalf. Please make your own arrangements and submit for reimbursement post-visit.
    • All allowable rental car-associated expenses will be reimbursed ONLY with submission of the original itemized receipt for each expense.
  • Personal automobile:
    • For those who drive to Nashville in a personal vehicle, mileage will be reimbursed at the standard mileage rate of 58 cents per mile (IRS rate effective 1/1/2019).
    • Tolls and parking fees are reimbursable per actual cost as documented on the original itemized receipt
    • NOT reimbursable: gas, repairs, fines, etc.
  • The department will book one-night hotel stay on your behalf.
  • Any additional nights are NOT reimbursable.
  • Meals during your trip are reimbursable with submission of the original itemized receipt for each meal.
  • Please choose meals of reasonable cost, with total daily limit of $60 in meal expenses.
  • Alcohol is NOT reimbursable.
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