Biostatistics Potluck Party

This is a great opportunity for you to share with everyone your most popular dish, your favorite food from your home country, or simply something yummy!

Tuesday, November 21 at 11 AM (Lunch); S-2323 MCN

General Rules

  • Number of people: approximately 30 (Biostat. faculty and staff only)
  • Things don't need to be fancy
  • Variety, variety, variety... don't reapeat dishes/items
  • The department will provide serving platters and utensils
  • Food needs to be ready to be served; allow time for reheating if needed
  • Everyone attending the potluck needs to participate and bring an item (1 item/person)
  • Non-alcoholic drinks only

TIP Things To Bring Along TIP

Please enter your name and recipe under one of the following food categories:


Limit of 4 people, available on a first-come, first-served basis
  1. ColeBeck
  2. Yuwei Zhu
  3. Tebeb Gebretsadik
  4. Jonathan Schildcrout

Main Dishes

  1. Clam Chowder -- Patrick Arbogast
  2. Ayumi Shintani
  3. Meatball -- Angel An
  4. Terri Scott - Lazy Peirogi
  5. Cathy Jenkins - Chicken chili
  6. BBQ lil smokies- Lisa Rogers
  7. -DonnaBock
  8. Steamed ribs - Chang Yu
  9. Jennifer Thompson
  10. Lily Wang
  11. Something to be decided probably late Monday evening -- Rafe Donahue
  12. Yu Shyr
  13. Joanne Goodwin
  14. Chuan Zhou
  15. William Wu
  16. BBQ ribs - Frank Harrell

Side Dishes

  1. Spinach Dip/bread- Heather
  2. Salad - Bill Dupont
  3. Salad - Thomas Dupont
  4. Hummus and pita bread - Bonnie
  5. Bryan Shepherd
  6. Spicy chicken wing -- Cindy
  7. Fruit Salad - Lisa Kaltenbach
  8. Cheese Dip-Jennifer Hill
  9. Pecan sweet bread (kind of bread) - Svetlana
  10. Potato salad - Pingsheng
  11. Cranberry salad - Dale
  12. Tang Fruit Salad-Marcia
  13. Veggie platter - Dean


Limit of 7 people, available on a first-come, first-served basis
  1. Chocolate chip cookies by Claudia
  2. Chocolate cake (Linda S)
  3. egg cup cake -- Zhouwen Liu
  4. Shirley Liu
  5. Chuck Federspiel
  6. Leena Choi

Note: This is not the Holiday Celebration event.

HELP If you have questions, please e-mail

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