12/01/09 WJ - computer stops every time he prints. Every time something is sent to the printer the computer freezes until print job is complete.    
12/01/09 WJ - cannot open attachments sent via em. Updates to email servers should help wdp
12/01/09 WJ - in Excel cannot enter negative amounts into cells. Not an Excel problem as he can do this on other computers and program allows this feature. Specific to current Excel program on his system. This is a limitation of the kdrc program. krdc eats the keypad minus keystroke if it is the first thing to be typed in a cell. Either use the other minus key or enter a space before entering the keypad minus. I know of no other work-around. wdp
12/01/09 Diane - sometimes em will send me error message that it cannot save sent em to save folder; other times it works. Updates to email servers should help wdp
12/01/09 Diane - sometimes I can drag a file from my Thunderbird inbox to a folder, other times it will not drag over Updates to email servers should help wdp
12/02/09 Wj - Having problem receiving e-mails in Thunderbird. Attachments will not open, E-mails contents are blank. Updates to email servers should help wdp

WJ - E-mail files state they cannot be found yet will not allow me to delete.

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