Separation Procedures for IT

What to do when someone leaves the department

  • Remind the departing employee that if they are leaving Vanderbilt their email account will be deleted eventually. They should make a copy of the messages that they want to keep.
  • disable server accounts
  • disable twiki account
    • Search twiki for instances of the username in ?Group topics and remove
    • edit the users page or delete the users page
    • remove the entry from the .htpasswd file
  • delete web calendar account
  • remove from listserv list
  • remove from web site faculty/staff page

  • Need an approach to copying all files and e-mail messages as an archive. One approach would be to use the backup server (biostat3) and make a tar file of the user's backup space.
    • on biostat3 (where "homeN" is "home2" or "home3")
      • tar -czvf /homeN/vunetid.tar.gz /homeN/vunetid/
      • rm -r /homeN/vunetid/
    • If vunetid.tar.gz is small enough, we can burn it to a DVD and give that to the departing person. If vunetid.tar.gz is too big then ???
    • free backup space for this user

  • set up separation message for email (not usually necessary; email accounts will expire after about 6 months if we do nothing) don't do this until we are sure that there are no messages we need from the user's mailbox
    • when you make the separation request to ITS they reset the password on the user's account so it cannot be accessed further. The account will then be removed after the default time of 2 weeks
    • set a "separation message" using the "Create, Modify, or Delete a user's Separation Message" link on the page
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