How To Use The Vanderbilt Performance Evaluation System (VPES)

How To Start A New Evaluation

  1. Go to VPES.
  2. Log in.
  3. In the upper center of the screen, find the "Employee ID" field. Enter your supervisee's Employee ID. The IDs can be found in Supervisor Guide. Click the "Add Performance Evaluation" button.
  4. The default settings should be for "Supervisor", "Pay for Performance (Annual/6-Month) Performance (Annual) Evaluation", and "Medical Center". Click "Next" to accept if this evaluation is for the annual April 30th evaluation. NOTE: If the evaluation is for the 6-mo end or orientation for new employee or employee promotion, both the "End of Orientation" and the "Pay for Performance" evaluations must be completed.
  5. When you have completed the supervisor section, click "save" at the bottom of any page to save your work for continuing in the future.
PICK If you do not see the "Employee ID" field when you sign into VPES, please e-mail with cc to Audrey Carvajal and Sanel Filipovic.

For annual evaluations, you have two options: 1) You may complete evaluation(s) according to the instructions above or you may ask your direct report(s) to initiate the evaluation for your review/edit/submission. A benefit of employee-initiated evaluations is that the employee will be able to access their evaluation electronically in the future. If the supervisor initiates it, only the supervisor can view the evaluation electronically following submission to HR.
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