Hmisc Functions Related to Multivariate Analysis

Function Purpose
aregImpute Multiple imputation using generalized additive models
dataRep Representativeness of observations in a data set
find.matches Find close matches
mApply Summarize scalars or matrices by cross-classification
pc1 Compute and show coefficients (on original scale) first principal component
rm.boot Bootstrap repeated measurements with approximate simultaneous confidence bands for profiles
summarize Summarize scalars or matrices by cross-classification
summary.formula Descriptive statistics, including multiple-number summaries of multiple variables
transace Additive regression and transformation of a matrix of variables
transcan Nonlinear principal components using canonical variates, data reduction, and single imputation
varclus Clustering of variables

Click on a function name to see the function's help file. Note that mApply, summarize, and summary.formula can compute multivariate summary statistics on univariate and multivariate data.
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