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As of December 2013, The "Hallway Display" is not operating due to the department's move from Medical Center North to 2525 West End Avenue. We will update this topic when the status is resolved.

We have our large LCD panel (called the "BigTV") and it is installed in the corridor near S2323 Medical Center North. Note that the bulletin board is located there as well. We're currently deciding what content is appropriate for each, but specifically the LCD monitor will definitely be used for statistical graphics and possibly event content.


The monitor is a 42 inch LG branded LCD (liquid crystal display) panel (model M4210C).

  • The pixel pitch (size of the pixel) is .686 mm/pixel (.027 in/pixel)
  • The recommended resolution is 1360 x 768 pixels
  • The dimension of the viewable area is approximately 933 mm x 526 mm (approx 36.8 in x 20.7 in)
1360 x 768 translates into about 36.8 inches wide by 20.7 inches high.

Submission List

Do not add content to the hallway display if doing so may cause a copyright violation. Journal articles and published graphics usually fall into this category. We will not display content that if it is not clear that we have the right to do so.

  • Images and PDFs only
  • No powerpoint or excel (take screenshots)
The are two ways to submit files:
  1. Send your file to which is managed by CQI Improving Public Relations Through The Flat Panel Screen Team.
  2. Attach submissions to this page by clicking the Attach image or document button below and filling out the Comment box and uploading your file. Don't click either of the checkboxes. Once your file has been successfully attached, please send one notification to us ( Then we will properly size it and place it on the HallwayDisplayQueue.
Please contribute examples that help non-statisticians understand what we do, and that are neat examples of analysis results and data displays. Most graphics will need to include some kind of explanatory text. The more real and understandable the example, the better.

A couple of examples of properly sized graphics with explanatory text are:

Tools for manipulating images

  • ImageMagick - a very powerful suite of tools for manipulating images; mostly run from the command line.
    • Examples:
    • $ convert Biostatssmall.png -resize 50% half_biostatssmall.png
  • gimp - the GNU Image Manipulation Program
  • IrfanView - graphic viewer and manipulator for Windows
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