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  • Start Date: 14 June 2005
  • Research Drive Directory: /Taguchi/050304/Binning
  • Data Type: MassSpec
  • Notes
    • uses both C# and SAS to calculate QC for testing purpose
    • folders dataExplore, Bining, and proTS are data sets have binned with old methods (with or without intensity)
    • folder newMethod are data sets that have new methods

  • Status:


  1. Powerpoint report: /Taguchi/050304/Binning/deliverable report.ppt
  2. cluster files: /Taguchi/050304/Binning/QC/cluster
  3. Quality Control result: /Taguchi/050304/Binning/QC/
  4. Shuo winner list(Unequal Variance T value) : /Taguchi/050304/Binning/WFCCM2 winner.xls
  5. proTS winner list(Unequal Variance T value) : /Taguchi/050304/proTS/WFCCM2 winner.xls
  6. dataExplore winner list(Unequal Variance T value) : /Taguchi/050304/dataExplore/WFCCM2 winner.xls

Change Log

Analysis Requests

  1. QC serum control (by date, by subject, one subject cross all others)
  2. Italy real data set(based on average) - WFCCM, 10 fold
  3. WFCCM Japanese real data set
    1. pre-treatment alone (based on average) - Kanazawa, JFCR, Kanazawa+JFCR
    2. 10 fold on combined JFCR&Kanazawa
    3. pre&post : Kanazawa, JFCR.
      1. WFCCM -mass charge both pre&post have intensitity, and 20% of them have intensitity("and" condition- PR >= 20% && PD >= 20% && SD >= 20%), others are missing
      2. Fisher - only for YN or NY situation (pre - with intensitity, post - without intensitity. Or, pre - without intensitity, post - with intensitity), and 20% AND condition, others are missing
    4. training and testing
      1. training: Kanazawa testing: JFCR
      2. training: JFCR testing: Kanazawa

Contact Info:

  • Primary Study Contact Person: Fumiko 6-3819


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