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Faculty and Staff of the Department of Biostatistics | News

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Faculty | by Specialty | by Track

Name Position Starting Date in Dept University
Yu Shyr, PhD Professor and Chair
Harold L. Moses Chair in Cancer Research
Director, Vanderbilt Center for Quantitative Sciences
Director, Vanderbilt Technologies for Advanced
Genomics Analysis and Research Design (VANGARD)
Sep 2003 Michigan
William D. Dupont, PhD Professor and Vice Chair for Academic Affairs
Director Nashville Breast Cohort Study
Sep 2003 Johns Hopkins
Frank E. Harrell, Jr., PhD Professor Sep 2003 North Carolina
Christopher J. Lindsell, PhD Professor Aug 2017 Southampton University, England
Jonathan S. Schildcrout, PhD Professor
Vice-Chair for Research, Biostatistics
Sep 2004 Washington
Bryan Shepherd, PhD Professor
Vice-Chair for Faculty Affairs, Biostatistics
Sep 2005 Washington
Chang Yu, PhD Associate Professor Jan 2004 Yale
Tatsuki Koyama, PhD Associate Professor Sep 2003 Pittsburgh
Daniel W. Byrne, MS Senior Associate in Biostatistics
Director, Quality Improvement & Program Evaluation
Feb 2004 New York Medical College
Dan Ayers, MS Senior Associate in Biostatistics Sep 2006 Louisiana State
Robert Greevy, PhD Associate Professor
Director, Health Services Research Biostatistics
Director, Graduate Studies Biostatistics
Sep 2004 Wharton, UPenn
Qingxia (Cindy) Chen, PhD Associate Professor Sep 2005 North Carolina
Leena Choi, PhD Professor
Vice Chair for Diversity and Inclusion, Biostatistics
Sep 2005 Johns Hopkins
Fei Ye, PhD Associate Professor May 2006 South Carolina
Chris Slaughter, DrPH Associate Professor Aug 2007 North Carolina
Chris Fonnesbeck, PhD Associate Professor Jun 2010 Georgia
Matt Shotwell, PhD Associate Professor Jan 2011 Medical University of South Carolina
Hakmook Kang, PhD Assistant Professor July 2011 Brown University
Dandan Liu, PhD Assistant Professor Nov 2011 University of Michigan
Mario Davidson, PhD Assistant Professor Nov 2007 The Ohio State University
Rameela Chandrasekhar Raman, PhD Assistant Professor Nov 2011 SUNY at Buffalo
Yuwei Zhu, MS, MD Senior Associate in Biostatistics Jan 2004 U Texas Houston
Heidi Chen, PhD Research Assistant Professor Apr 2004 North Carolina State
Amber Hackstadt, PhD Assistant Professor Aug 2015 Colorado State University
Tebeb Gebretsadik, MPH Senior Associate in Biostatistics Nov 2003 UC Berkeley
Sharon Phillips, MSPH Assistant in Biostatistics Nov 2007 University of South Florida
Robert E. Johnson, PhD Associate Professor Aug 2012 North Carolina
Yaomin Xu, PhD Assistant Professor May 2014 Case Western Reserve
Thomas G. Stewart, PhD Assistant Professor Oct 2015 North Carolina
Ran Tao, PhD Assistant Professor Nov 2016 North Carolina
Simon Vandekar, PhD Assistant Professor July 2018 University of Pennsylvania
Andrew Spieker, PhD Assistant Professor Sep 2018 University of Washington
Lauren Samuels, PhD Research Assistant Professor Jan 2017 Vanderbilt
Derek Smith, DDS, PhD Research Assistant Professor Jan 2017 Vanderbilt
Gustavo Amorim, PhD Research Assistant Professor   University of Auckland, New Zealand
Hui Nian, MS Assistant in Biostatistics Sep 2010 Oregon State
Amir Asiaee, PhD Assistant Professor Aug 2021 University of Minnesota

Secondary & Adjunct Faculty

Name Position Starting Date in Dept University Primary Appointment
Bradley Malin, Ph.D. Associate Professor November 2016 Carnegie Mellon University Vanderbilt Biomedical Informatics
Irene Feurer, Ph.D. Research Professor May 2004 University of Pennsylvania Vanderbilt, Department of Surgery
Mary Banach, Ph.D. Adjunct Instructor September 2013 University of California University of California
Rafe Donahue, PhD Adjunct Associate Professor Aug 2005 Colorado State University Biomimetic Therapeutics, Inc.
Karel G.M. Moons, M.D., Ph.D. Adjunct Professor 2005 Erasmus University Medical Center Utrecht
Pingsheng Wu, M.S., Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor Aug 2006 University of Kentucky Vanderbilt School of Medicine
Mary Dietrich, Ph.D. Professor, Statistics & Measurement Jul 2007 Vanderbilt University Vanderbilt School of Nursing
Andrew Tomarken, Ph.D. Associate Professor Mar 2008 University of Wisconsin Vanderbilt, Department of Psychology
Michael Matheny, M.D. Assistant Professor June 2010 Harvard University Vanderbilt, Department of Medicine
Ben Saville, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor Jul 2014 North Carolina  
Meridith Blevins, M.S. Adjunct Assistant in Biostatistics Jul 2009 Case Western Reserve University  

Visiting Scholars

Post-doctoral Fellows

Staff Biostatisticians

Name Position Starting Date in Dept University
Cathy Jenkins, M.S. Biostatistician IV Apr 2005 North Carolina
Li Wang, M.S. Biostatistician IV Oct 2007 University of Georgia
Alex Zhao, M.S. Biostatistician III Jul 2008 The University of Iowa
Samuel Nwosu, M.S. Biostatistician IV Jan 2008 Middle Tennessee State University
Yaping Shi, M.S. Biostatistician IV Oct 2008 The University of Iowa
Aihua Bian, M.P.H Biostatistician III Apr 2009 University of Texas Southwestern
Meng Xu, M.S. Biostatistician IV May 2013 University of Idaho
Henry Domenico, M.S. Biostatistician IV Sep 2010 Purdue
Shi Huang, PhD Biostatistician III Jun 2015 University of Miami
Tan Ding, M.S. Biostatistician II Jul 2015 University of Georgia
Amy Perkins, M.S. Biostatistician III Sep 2015 University of Pittsburgh
Kim Hart, M.A. Biostatistician III Mar 2018 Arizona State University
Run Fan PhD, M.S. Biostatistician III Sep 2015 Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Wu Gong, M.S., M.D. Biostatistician II Apr 2017 Middle Tennessee State University
Ahra Kim, M.P.H. Biostatistician II Jun 2017 Loma Linda University
Omair A. Khan, M.A.S., GStat Biostatistician II Jun 2017 The Pennsylvania State University
Ethan Huang, M.S. Biostatistician II May 2017 LSU Health Science Center
Xiaoke Feng, M.S. Biostatistician II Feb 2018 University of Texas at Dallas
Josh DeClercq, M.S. Biostatistician II June 2018 Vanderbilt University
Elizabeth McNeer, M.S. Biostatistician II July 2018 Vanderbilt University
Onur Orun, M.S. Biostatistician II Feb 2019 Colorado State University
Heather Prigmore, M.P.H. Biostatistician II Apr 2019 Texas A&M University
Zhihong Yu, M.S. PhD Biostatistician II Jan 2020 Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Research Analysts and Research Nurses

IT Staff

Name Position Starting Date in Dept University
Dale Plummer, B.S. Manager, App Dev May 1981 Vanderbilt
Zhouwen Liu, M.S. Sr. Application Developer Dec 2003 Middle Tennessee State
Cole Beck, B.S. Sr. Application Developer Jan 2004 David Lipscomb
Jeremy Stephens, B.S. Sr. Application Developer Jun 2005 Belmont
Charles Dupont, B.S. Associate Application Developer Apr 2005 Renssaelaer Polytech
Shawn Garbett, M.S. Sr. Application Developer Mar 2016 Penn State

Business and Administrative Staff

Name Position Starting Date in Dept University
Audrey Carvajal, M.S.W., M.B.A. Budget/Accounting Analyst March 2010 The University of Tennessee

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biostat-msfac other faculty (senior MS level etc)
biostat-mssc MS search committee
biostat-msstaff MS-level biostatisticians without faculty appointments
biostat-phdfac assistant professors and up (overlaps with execfac)
biostat-rstaff all staff other than admin, cs, msstaff
biostat-secfac secondary faculty, adjunct, etc.
biostat-staff biostat-alladmin + biostat-cs + biostat-msstaff + biostat-rstaff
biostat-students All MS and PhD students in our department
biostat-supervisors Supervisors in the Dept of Biostatistics

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