Embassy Suites Hotel - 1811 Broadway 2005

10 AM - 2:30 PM

Participants: Harrell, Federspiel, Dupont, Shyr, Arbogast, Billheimer, Greevy, Haneuse, Koyama, LaFleur, C Li, M Li, Schildcrout, Shintani, Wang, Yu, Byrne, Renfrew, Chen, Gebretsadik, Wu, Zhu

Several questions to be answered relate to how to collaborate with faculty from other departments. When answering these questions, consider ways to obtain funding, communicate effectively, get the message out concerning what biostatisticians have to offer, provide directed didactic teaching, and other aspects.

Subcommittees and Reports to Prepare in Advance of Meeting

Career Development for Tenure Track Assistant Professors

All tenure track assistant professors will meet with Frank Harrell and other interested full professors in January to discuss career planning. The group will make a short report at the retreat.

Bioinformatics and Machine Learning

  • Participants: Billheimer, LaFleur, Harrell, Wang
  • Questions:
    1. What is the best way to collaborate with bioinformaticians? Close-by, what is the value added by bioinformatics in clinical and nonclinical research?
    2. Should we provide a full resource for gene array analysis or should we form a complete partnership with bioinformaticians?
    3. How does this translate to our faculty recruiting?
    4. For machine learning related to clinical informations, answer the same questions plus how we can best learn about machine learning and teach statistical methods to machine learning experts?
    5. How do we get across to School of Medicine leaders and senior investigators that biostatisticians bring added value to projects? (How do we distinguish Biostatistics from Bioinformatics?)
  • Report

Clinical Pharmacology

  • Participants: Byrne, Harrell, Schildcrout, Yu, Zhu
  • Questions:
    1. What is the best way to collaborate with Clinical Pharmacology?
    2. Should we formalize an arrangement with the Division of Clinical Pharmacology or the Oats Center for Experimental Pharmacology such as proposing the creation of a statistical pharmacology sub-center?
    3. Should we recruit an experienced faculty member who could spearhead such an effort?
    4. How can we get involved in a journal club?
    5. Is there a way to get more Clinical Pharmacology fellows into the MSCI program?
    6. Should we have a short course targeted to clin pharm?
  • Report
Note: New Dept. of Medicine collaboration plan will pay for 0.9 FTE biostatisticians for Clin Pharm.


  • Participants: Arbogast, Dupont, Haneuse, Wu, Gebretsadik
    1. How can best statistical practices be implemented in epidemiology?
    2. What can we do when epidemiologists want to use suboptimal statistical methods and they find someone outside of Biostatistics to do this?
    3. How can we best get involved in journal clubs?
  • Report

Health Services and Outcomes Research

  • Participants: Federspiel, Shintani, Greevy, Renfrew
    1. How can we speed up recruiting of statisticians experienced in these areas?
    2. Are there ways we should improve how we work with the Center for Health Services Research or the VA?
    3. What journal club opportunities exist?
  • FacultyRetreat2005HSORreport
Note: New Dept. of Medicine collaboration plan will pay for 1.2 FTE biostatisticians for HSR.

Human Genetics

  • Participants: Bill Dupont, Chun Li, LaFleur
    1. What is the best way to collaborate with the Center for Human Genetics?
    2. Is there a way to implement the collaboration plan with the Center?
    3. How do we estimate the number of statistical geneticists to recruit in the next two years?
    4. How do we best show senior investigators what is the value added by statistical geneticists?
    5. What journal club opportunities exist and how can we best get involved in them?
    6. How can we best follow through with probability/statistics curriculum requirements for PhD students in Human Genetics? Scott Williams is open to this but we haven't had time to work on it.
  • Report


  • Participants: Billheimer, Chen, Koyama, Ming Li, Shyr
    1. What is the best way to collaborate with basic scientists in this area?
    2. What is the best approach to determining the best approach for analyzing mass spec data?
    3. Should a simulation model be developed for testing various methods. Biostatisticians at MDACC are already doing this. Should we join in their afforts?
    4. Should we try to better coordinate mass spec quantitative methodology development * within Biostatistics? * across the university?
    5. Are proteomic methodology education opportunities in existing journal clubs?
    6. There are many other proteomic measurement methods in use/under development at Vanderbilt. How can we prepare to support these other technologies?
  • Report

Topics to be Discussed by All Participants at the RetreatICUD

Vision for the Department


  • In recruiting PhD faculty, which areas of expertise do we target?
  • How can we do a better job recruiting associate professors?
  • Should we recruit a director of graduate education now? How can we financially support a major percent effort of the person's salary before the program starts?

Collaboration Plan

  • General issues
  • What is the best way to start the plan for the Dept. of Medicine?

General Teaching Issues

  • MS Programs
  • Potential for an Undergraduate Program
  • How to Plan for a Graduate Program

General Issues Dealing with Grant Proposals

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