What is the process for applying for a faculty position with the Department of Biostatistics?

  • To apply or request more information for faculty positions, email a cover letter and CV to biostatistics@vumc.org.
    • C.V.s should be sent as follows
      • .pdf format only (no .doc or .txt documents)
      • named as "FirstLastCV.pdf" "FirstLastCover.pdf" {i.e., AshleeBartleyCV.pdf AshleeBartleyCover.pdf}
        (this format allows for immediate posting to the recruitment page. Those received not utilizing this format will take longer to post/review.)
  • Department Chair will review for expertise/education in areas relevant to current openings.
  • If candidate passes the first review, the material is forwarded to the Faculty Search Committee for review at their next scheduled meeting.
  • Letters (minimum of three) will be requested.
    • Letters should be sent to:
      Faculty Search Committee
      Department of Biostatistics
      Vanderbilt School of Medicine
      2525 West End, Ste. 1100
      Nashville, TN 37203
    • - or - letters can be emailed to expedite to ashlee.bartley@vanderbilt.edu however, if emailing to expedite, please request that hard copy follow via regular mail service.
  • If candidate passes the second review, by the Faculty Search Committee, the Chair will arrange to have a teleconference with the candidate.
  • Department Chair will email applicant to inform of decision (i.e., areas not relevant for current opening(s), additional information requested, telecon requested)
  • If telecon is requested, Department Chair will ask Administrative Manger to coordinate date/time for telecon (usually about 30 minutes for initial telecon).
  • Post telecon, if Chair deems this applicant to have the skills/goals required for current or future opening(s), the applicant’s information will be added to secured internal website for discussion at the next Faculty Search Committee Meeting. These meeting generally occur once a month.
  • Note: it is not uncommon for a candidate’s interests to not be in alignment with the strategic goals of the department.
  • The Faculty Search Committee will review C.V. and any additional information and advise on next step(s), if any.

  • Review package generally includes:
    • Current C.V.
    • Cover letter
    • Should your package be considered by further review by the Search Committee, letters of recommendation (3 letters minimum) will be requested. Candidate will receive an email requesting letters be submitted. Please do not send letters without receiving request.

You made it to the interview round

  • If the Faculty Search Committee felt your skills/goals were a match for our current opening(s), you will be contacted by the Faculty Affairs Manager/Assistant to the Chair for an in person interview.
  • Interview standards: arrive in Nashville on a Tuesday at approximately 1:00 p.m. (Central). Car service will transport candidate from airport to hotel for early check-in and then transport to department for beginning of interview series. Plan to spend from approximately 2:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. meeting with several faculty members. Department Chair will host dinner at approximately 6:00 p.m., along with several faculty members. You will be transported to the hotel after dinner. Wednesday will be a full day of interviews (8:30 a.m. -.5:00 p.m.). On Wednesday, you will present at the Department of Biostatistics Seminar/Workshop from 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.. During the day, weather permitting, you will be provided a tour of the campus. Your final meeting will usually be with the Department Chair allowing for 40 minutes of Q&A. Departure directly from department to Nashville International Airport with most flights leaving between 6:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m..
  • Interview costs:
    • only ITEMIZED ORIGINAL receipts will be reimbursed for any costs incurred by candidate per policy.
    • Airline travel: Faculty Affairs Manager/Assistant to the Chair will coordinate your air travel with you. Best rate will be applied, but specific preferences will be considered. Cost of airline travel will be paid in advance by Department.
    • Ground transportation: Nashville ground transportation will be arranged by Faculty Affairs Manager/Assistant to the Chair, Cost of Nashville ground transportation will be paid in advance by Department.
    • Airport parking: Candidate will pay cost of airport parking and submit itemized receipts post visit.
    • Meals: Travel policy pricing will adhere to all meals you purchase (noted below). Candidate will pay cost of meals and submit itemized receipts post visit.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: VU SOM will not reimburse or cover the cost of early bird check in fees or additional baggage for any airline. If you opt to utilize any of these services, you will be responsible for payment.
      • You cannot, for example, skip breakfast and have a $28 luncheon as you will only be reimbursed the maximum amount of $16 for lunch. Allowable amounts are per meal per day not a combined amount of $58 per day to be spent as you choose. Alcoholic beverage costs are considered personal expenses. Maximum amounts per traveler, per day are:
Meal Amount
Breakfast $12.00
Lunch $16.00
Dinner $30.00

I've interviewed, now what?

  • Submit all itemized, out-of-pocket, costs to Faculty Affairs Manager/Assistant to the Chair at address noted at the bottom of this page. Photocopies and non-itemized receipts will not be reimbursed under any circumstance. You will need to provide current mailing address and social security number for reimbursement processing.
  • At the next scheduled Faculty Search Committee Meeting your interview and seminar will be discussed.
  • If the Committee finds that your skills/goals did not align, or any other such negative conclusion, Department Chair will notify you of decision.
  • If the Committee finds that your skills/goals do align, you may be asked for a second (longer) interview or you may be presented an offer based on conclusion of Committee.

Offer process

  • If you are presented an offer, the Department Chair will notify you by telecon of the decision to present an offer. Level and track will be discussed during this telecon.
  • Chair will ask Faculty Affairs Manager/Assistant to the Chair to prepare non-binding unofficial draft offer letter with specifics discussed in telecon plus salary recommendation.
  • Business Manager and Department Administration will prepare and review development package and ensure salary recommendation is in alignment with existing salary ranges for Faculty at same/similar level. They will notify Faculty Affairs Manager/Assistant to the Chair of their review completion.
  • Faculty Affairs Manager/Assistant to the Chair will finalize non-binding unofficial draft offer letter and present to Department Chair for final review; signature.
  • Faculty Affairs Manager/Assistant to the Chair will .pdf non-binding unofficial draft offer letter and email to candidate for review. Candidate will be given a time frame in which to return signed copy of Draft Letter.

  • If non-binding draft offer was acceptable to candidate, a formal offer letter will be prepared (same content) for signature of Chair and submission to the Office of Faculty Affairs.
  • The Office of Faculty Affairs will review and advise if we may present candidate with the formal offer letter. If approved, letter will be .pdf'd and em'd to candidate and the original of this formal offer letter will be sent to candidate via Federal Express (or similar shipment method).
  • Candidate will have a set date to return the signed copy of the letter to Faculty Affairs Manager/Assistant to the Chair or offer will be null and void.

I've accepted the Offer...how does relocation work?

  • Once the signed Offer Letter has been received by our Department, you will be given the option of returning to Nashville for a relocation visit. Most relocation visits average two days. The cost of this visit is a portion of your package and details can be found in our Relocation Policy. There will be no relocation visit unless signed letter has been received by Department prior to visit.
  • Faculty Affairs Manager/Assistant to the Chair will work with your specific needs regarding relocation.

SOM Appointment Process

  • Signed Offer Letter will be submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs along with a recommendation letter from the Department Chair, your letters of recommendation and, in some cases, teaching statement and copies of publications.
  • It can take several weeks (6-12) to receive the final approval from SOM Administration. When we receive this final approval, you will be provided a copy of your Appointment Letter along with information regarding your first days at Vanderbilt (picture taking, benefits, etc.).
  • Faculty Affairs Manager/Assistant to the Chair will provide you with detailed instructions for day one and week one. You can expect to meet with the Department Chair, obtain appropriate vaccinations, obtain ID badge, meet with HR Benefits Administrator and department IT support personnel for system set-up.
  • The Faculty Manual can provide you with some of the specifics you may want to know about in advance.

Department Contact: Ashlee Bartley, ashlee.bartley@vanderbilt.edu 615.322.2001 Department Mailing Information: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Department of Biostatistics, Attn: Ashlee Bartley, 2525 West End, Ste. 1100, Nashville, TN 37203

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