There are a lot of different ways you could get to the cafe area on the 3rd floor of Medical Research Building III, but here's the way I think is easiest to describe:

Stand with your back to Central Library and look out at Library Lawn. You should see a sculpture of a tree in front of you.

The building at the end of the walkway to your left is MRB III (you probably won't see the name of the building until you get right up to the glass doors).

Go through the glass doors. You are now on the first floor of MRB III. Either take the stairs (right in front of you) or the elevator (to your left) up to the 3rd floor. If you have taken the stairs, you should see the little cafe area to your left. If you have taken the elevator, go left out of the elevator area, then you should see the stairs & the cafe area.

-- LaurieSamuels - 07 Sep 2010
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