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  • Comment: "The essential distinction in the problem of inference is the distinction between what we know, and what we are trying to find out: between the data and the proposition whose probability on the data we are trying to assess." Harold Jeffreys.



Proteometrics is the quantitative analysis of the proteome. The goal is to characterize the amount and distribution of proteins and their modifications in biological samples. Follow the ProteoMetrics link for more information.

Functional Data Analysis

In their simplest form, functional data extend the notion of a sequence of independent numerical observations to a sequence of independent functional observations. That is, for each of a number of independent units, we observe a single function. Such functions are (frequently, but not always) continuous, and often sampled at discrete points. The goals of functional data analysis (FDA) are to extend the usual aims of statistics to this new setting while retaining the functional identity of the data. Follow the FunctionalData link for more information.

Normalization (with B. LaFleur)

Many emerging measurement technologies require substantial data "pre-processing" before meaningful quantitative analysis can be conducted. Frequently this data manipulation involves
  • smoothing or filtering
  • background correction or subtraction
  • multiplicative re-scaling. and/or
  • nonlinear transformation (e.g., log transformation)
When the intent of this pre-processing is to remove nuisance variation, and (somehow) make observations more comparable, we term this activity normalization. Although the need for normalization has long been recognized, the details are frequently swept under the pre-processing carpet. This is worry-some because in many cases these initial data manipulations are the most important steps in data analysis. It is amazing to us that there is no standard theory (or even guidelines) outlining the properties of various choices for these transformations. Follow the NormalizationLink for more information.

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