This page will provide a brief introduction to the different statuses of projects found within the department database, dbconnect.

Currently projects fall within two broad categories, pending and non-pending. Pending only have one status classification, pending. Non-pending projects have several statuses available: active, awarded, completed, rejected, etc. However, this current design is inefficient and confusing. The two broad categories of projects needs to be condensed to one, and the projects should be reclassified.

This is the new specification for project classification.

Project Classifications


A grant proposal has been submitted. A project may be submitted twice (in the past, three proposals were allowed). If the proposal is rejected the first time, the project should stay pending. If the application does not receive a satisfactory score for funding a second time, the project should be reclassified as Unfunded. If the proposal is accepted on either submission, it should be reclassified as Awarded. Any biostat employees listed on the proposal should be listed on the project with a role of Proposal Development.


A project's grant proposal was accepted. However the project has not started yet, or there are no biostat employees with effort on the project. When a biostat employee starts giving effort to the project, it should be reclassified as Active. Any biostat employees listed should be listed with a role of Proposal Development. It's possible that no employees will be listed.


Any project that a biostat employee gives effort to should be listed as Active. All employees contributing effort should be listed with an effort and project role. Once the project ends, or all biostat support has completed, the project should be reclassified as Completed. It may also be reclassified as a No Cost Extension.

No Cost Extension (NCE)

During the NCE, the NIH is approving an extension of final budget period of a previously approved project period without additional NIH funds. This is a project that previously had funding and biostat support, but additional funding will not be provided. During the NCE, the project should continue to be listed as Active. When the project ends, it should be reclassified as Completed. Any biostat employees listed should be listed as usual provided percent effort continues.


A completed project is a project that previously had funding, but no longer has biostat support. It has no future benefits, but we're interested in its history.


A project becomes unfunded if its grant proposal has been rejected twice, or if it is clear that it will not be proposed a second time. I assume this is unlikely and difficult to prove, but it may be likely for a project that stays in the Pending status for a long time (two years?). An unfunded project is dead.


I'm not sure if No Cost Exension shouldn't be Competing Continuation. Please advise. -- ColeBeck - 13 Feb 2009

NCE is correct. -- ColeBeck - 27 Apr 2009
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