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April and early May 2007 feedback

  1. Cindy's problem: If doing an employee report for the 2006 year, I have X publications. If I expand the time horizon, I have 0 publications.
    • fixed - reports using projects verified if the time period was covered within the project; this was too strict and simply removed
  2. Someone's suggestion: The user should be notified if the publication forms are incomplete.
  3. Robert's suggestion: Have an option where we can view all of our own publications so that we can easily identify missing and misclassified publications.
    • The reports work better now, but there's always been a search function:
      1. Go to the modify publication page
      2. Click the 'Search for a publication' link
      3. Change the publication date range if necessary
      4. Select yourself from the Department Authors select box
  4. Jonathan's problem: If I do an employee report (by project) for the 2006 year I have 1 publication. If I do an employee report (by department), I have 3. I guess I would suggest that if no project is listed, dbconnect should default to "other." Regardless, these totals should equal one another.
    • fixed - finally added ability to display publications with incomplete information, such as when no project is selected
  5. Robert's other suggestion: Definitions key for the publication classifications, e.g. what do we mean by "Basic Science", "Bioinformatics", etc.?

Outstanding requests

  • modify book request page
    • remind users about dept library (donations reduce cost by 50%)
    • provide info about which project is benefited by purchase
  • publications report for articles from elect journals
    • need to refine list of elect journals
    • published and peer reviewed
    • list articles by citation
    • provide time frame
  • link coeus to dbc
    • need to search certain fields (other than name/number/center)
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