Credo Descriptors for Biostatisticians I, II, and III

The following credo descriptors have been officially approved by Human Resources; however, the VPES system allows only one set of descriptor for all job positions at Vanderbilt. Until this technical limitation is resolved, the yearly evaluations will show the generic, health care provider oriented descriptors. Biostatistician Is, IIs, and IIIs and their supervisors should refer to the official descriptors here.

Credo Item #1 - I make those I serve my highest priority.

  • I consistently double check my work for errors, document my procedures for doing so, and practice reproducible analysis and reporting.
  • I manage my time to meet and exceed deadlines, complete projects with an agreed upon turnaround time, and match my actual work time with my PAF.
  • I treat everyone with dignity, respect, and compassion.
  • I recognize that every member of the department makes important contributions.

Credo Item #2 - I have a sense of ownership.

  • I attend collaborative meetings, review background research, and read manuscript drafts to maintain a big picture of the research I work on and understand the science underlying it.
  • I understand and appreciate the impact of the work I do.

Credo Item #3 - I conduct myself professionally.

  • I strive to maintain the integrity of the data and analyses by checking assumptions, practice excellent dataset manipulation and validation procedures, apply the scientific method, do not alter analyses to achieve statistical significance, stick to analysis plans to avoid confirmation bias, work to understand the underlying mechanisms that generate the data, and adhere to all other aspects of doing good science.
  • I continue to learn and seek new knowledge to enhance my skills and ability to serve.
  • I adhere to department and medical center policies such as those regarding smoking, attendance, and dress code.
  • I wear my ID badge where it can be easily seen.
  • I strive to be an example for others.

Credo Item #4 - I respect privacy and confidentiality.

  • I am careful handling data with personal information (PHI).
  • I work with my collaborators to encourage compliance with all sensitive data policies and best practices.
  • I do not use PHI in inappropriate ways.
  • I keep sensitive written and electronic information out of the view of others.
  • I discuss confidential matters in a private area.

Credo Item #5 - I communicate effectively.

  • I have a development goal for improving my communications skills.
  • I update my supervisor on my efforts and progress in improving my communication skills.
  • I double check all of my writing.
  • I make a conscious effort to improve my communication skills in every setting.
  • I practice the fundamentals of good communication including actively listening, making eye contact, speaking with the appropriate tone and volume, smiling and using appropriate body language, and being friendly and polite.

Credo Item #6 - I am committed to my colleagues.

  • I understand that my success it intertwined with the success of the Biostatistics Department, School of Medicine, and University as whole. I work to help other members of my department succeed.
  • I make a point to treat everyone with courtesy and respect. I respect the time and work areas of others.
  • I work to improve the department through Quality Improvement Projects and other means.

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