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ClinicalSultan needs a new name! We want to make ClinicalSultan an all-purpose data capture tool, not just for clinical trials. So, a new name is in order. Please add your ideas and/or opinions and maybe a description about the meaning behind the new name if appropriate (put your name down for comments). The new name doesn't necessarily have to hint to what the application actually does, and it shouldn't be too plain or overly obvious either (in my opinion anyway). Thanks.

Possible names


Description: Drake is another word for dragon. Dragons are fierce protectors of their property, so a data dragon would keep the data safe.


Description: None

  • Jeremy: Sort of plain, but professional sounding. "Datascribe" is used for several applications already.


Description: Name derived from "dinosaur"

  • Jeremy: Sort of silly, and could potentially be confusing (since "saur" could be spelled many different ways)


Description: Derived from Ruby on Rails and also from Research and R

RRWeb or RRWebData

Description: see RRData plus web app; WebData is also possible


Description: very generic web database

Absorb, Acquire, or Procure

Description: The system is going to be one of the best systems anywhere for acquiring data with minimum startup time.

AData or DataInfo

Description: Something to symbolize that the system terms data into analyzable information.


Description: Though this is also the abbreviation for Washington-Dulles airport, it could stand for Instantly Analyzable Data, to further emphasize the point from the last suggestion.

ADD - ACME Data Depot

Description: While this acronym shares space with Attention Deficit Disorder, placing ACME into the name will definitely lend it credibility. (Sorry, I couldn't resist).


Description: A mandatary is a person who receives a mandate, but it our case it's an application that receives a YAML file. It ain't an acryonym, but split three ways is man-data-ry. The 'ry' incorporates the R, Ruby, and YAML ascepts of the application.
  • Cole: Great idea Cole. You're the man... the mandatatry.
  • Thomas: I think it is too close to mandatory.


Description: Give me so time I will figure out how to justify this later. -- CharlesDupont - 13 Dec 2006


*Description: The latin name for one of Euclid's works: see
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