Migration from TWiki to FosWiki

Simple Timeline

  • April 15 (tax day), we announce on biostat-all that we'll be updating the wiki
  • May 1 we stop all edits to the content and switch over immediately
  • Then mop up.

To Do List

  • Update CSS to use fixed-width font in raw edit.
  • Possible use ChapterEditPlugin instead of sectionedit
  • Test EmbedBibPlugin
  • Fix Notification changes
  • attachment security
  • top bar issues
  • table of contents doesn't create short urls (turn on Apache plugin to change links?)


Use this table to record progress of plugin conversion.

Plugin Name Status (converted, not converted, etc.) Comment (e.g. "conversion not needed")Sorted ascending
AliasPlugin unnecessary  
CommentPlugin implemented  
DirectedGraphPlugin converted  
EFetchPlugin converted  
EditTablePlugin implemented  
FilterPlugin unnecessary  
FoldingTOCPlugin converted  
IfDefinedPlugin unnecessary  
InterwikiPlugin implemented  
MultiEditPlugin not converted (unused)  
NatSkinPlugin unnecessary  
RedDotPlugin unnecessary (unused)  
RenderListPlugin unnecessary (unused)  
SessionPlugin not needed  
SlideShowPlugin implemented  
SmiliesPlugin implemented  
TablePlugin implemented  
UserInfoPlugin unnecessary  
DatabasePlugin unnecessary (unused) can eliminate
GoFishPlugin not converted Cole prefers eliminating
ActionTrackerPlugin installed Dale
LatexModePlugin converted fails on system web
CheckToIncludePlugin implemented Jeff
TWikiStylePlugin not converted Jeff
CoderayPlugin not converted (unused) Jeremy
EmbedBibPlugin semi-done need's cleanup
TopicVarsPlugin not converted probably need
SpreadSheetPlugin not converted probably need?
SectionalEditPlugin not converted Replace with ChapterEdit?
MathModePlugin replaced replaced w/ LatexModePlugin
NotificationPlugin replaced replaced w/ Notifications
SourceHighlightingPlugin converted system web topic gone?
SecurePubPlugin not needed using viewfile

Procedure for Updating the FosWiki Install

Foswiki currently lives on biostat3 inside a git repository. You can create/edit/delete files freely there. When you are done, however, please commit your changes like so:

git add <file-you-worked-on> [<another-file> ...]
git commit

If you delete a file, additionally run the following before committing:

git rm <file-you-deleted>

You can see which files have changed by running git status. To add/remove files that git already knows about, run git add -u.

Please note that you need to add all files you worked on, regardless of whether or not they are actually new files. Git behaves differently from Subversion in this regard (and many other regards). If you have general questions about git, here are some resources:

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